About our studio

Hello gorgeous!

Hi! I'm Leslie. I’m a mom of two little boys, so let’s just say that the only time I put on more than mascara is when I get to come to work.  Yes, get to.  I LOVE MY JOB.

I am honored to take a woman like me (barely-time-to-shower-let-alone-get-a-bikini-wax-but-still-want-to-feel-super-sexy), and pamper her for a day.  A whole day about you.  No kids, no spouse, no needy labrador (is everyone’s dog as needy as mine?)… just a gorgeous makeover and one spectacularly sexy photo shoot.  And if that wasn’t awesome enough… we can do a same-day reveal of your fully-retouched photos. The last thing I want is for you to agonize for days if the photos turn out.  They will, better than you can ever imagine.

So play hooky with me… I won’t tell your boss that you were sipping champagne rather than chamomile tea or lounging in lingerie rather than buried in your comfy jammies.  You deserve this.


P.S. See my intro video nextdoor. It will make you feel super cool by comparison.

All-Inclusive Signature Photoshoot - $3499 | A la Carte Session Fees - $250+

Finished Products

All printed photos come wih a matching file in printable and sharable resolution.