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Behind the Scenes of Lavish Boudoir


Behind the Scenes of Lavish Boudoir

Miss D agreed to let us film her photoshoot from start to finish to show you just what it’s like. Just how easy, fun and fabulous.

Photos to come next week! Stay tuned!

Photography: Leslie Cersovski
Video: Kate Herrera
Makeup: Edgar Campos

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Boudoir at 40 – Miss L- Albuquerque, New Mexico

LH-Lavish-Boudoir-002.jpgL, you are one of the coolest women I’ve encountered. You rolled up to your consult in this bad-ass Jeep. Not the kind for cruising around town to look cute, but the kind that may or may not have rolled over a few times. And here you were booking boudoir at 40 (something) and I knew you were going to rock it.

You opened up about how you’ve found this great place in your life. How you’re busy with travel, helping take care of your grandbaby and working on all the behind-the-scenes work for you and Hubby’s business.

You’ve been working out and absolutely killing it in the gym. You’ve got this beautiful new home that you love to decorate with art that means something to you. When you gave me the tour of your pieces, the enthusiasm you have just radiates. You told me you were finally ready. That this was your time to just go for it and celebrate this time in your life.

You went all out with our deluxe shoot, and I’m so glad you did. I don’t know how we could have narrowed down your outfits further. Everything from the tank and jeans to the beautiful bra and undies set brought out a different side to you. Even the football and rolled up jersey was awesome.

The photoshoot was effortless for me (even if it wasn’t for your lower back) and we rolled through nearly 100 fabulous photos. Scrolling through, I could hardly wait to show you.

You brought Hubby to your reveal and I’m not sure which of the 3 of us loved your photos more. It just makes my heart sore to see how much he loves you and thinks of you as this goddess. Now you have the photos to prove it.

I hope you love the album and wall art for many many years. I hope that when you glance at your metal photos that hang over your bed, you feel sexy and beautiful and loved.

Thank you so much for picking me. I cannot tell you how excited I am to know you and I am sooooo looking forward to our future projects together.




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Getting High & Making Miracles

Okay… I confess that was a little bit click-bait-y. But it’s true.

I’m not into drugs, I’ve never even smoked weed. It was just never my thing. I’d rather get high off of  a heart-pounding workout, a giggling fit with my friend Jen, or a “Leslie” cocktail at a nice restaurant (recipe here).

I believe in making your own miracles happen, simply by allowing them.

making your own miracles - Lavish Boudoir™ - Albuquerque & Santa Fe New Mexico

But I do get a major endorphin high when I have a great workout after a good night’s sleep. Yes, working out makes me healthier. Yes, it keeps those Leslie cocktails from expanding my waistline. Yes, it’s a bit of me-time. But mostly…

It makes me feel like anything is possible and the universe delivers.

Whether you call it the Universe, God, Source or the Cosmic Waitress, there’s something about dripping with sweat that makes me feel connected.

In fact, that old adage “Be careful what you wish for,” is so true that I’ve often instantly brought things into my life that I didn’t exactly mean to. For example, a while back, I was huffing and puffing on the stair mill and thought, “You know what? I need a break. I’m feeling overwhelmed.” Before I even got back to the locker room, my phone pinged with an email with the subject line, “I need to cancel my photoshoot.”

NO! That’s not what I meant! Fortunately, I re-booked shortly thereafter.

I only share this because I think that as a mom, we feel like the miracles must be happening elsewhere. That they belong to “someone else.”

Make your miracles, Momma.

Get to that place that makes you feel amazeballs and open yourself up to the wonderful things God-Universe-Source-Angels-Cosmic-Waitress have lined up for you.

Some of my favorite ways, if you’re not into climbing floor after floor of stairs.

– prayer or meditation
no need to make specific requests. Just sit quietly and listen to your breathing and silently tell whoever is listening that you are ready for more miracles.

– tapping (EFT)
I love Brad Yates because he’s done the hard work for me. I just follow along with him on YouTube. If you ever see me tapping on my forehead while I’m driving, this is why.

– dance party
Crank up the kind of music that speaks to your soul and get moving. Great to do when you have kids around.

– a quiet walk at sunrise or sunset
Let Dad handle bath-time or breakfast and get outside for a leisurely 5-10 minute walk. The world will go on without you for that time.

Look for the miracles that start showing up, because they will.

Whether it’s finding a penny in the street (my boys’ favorite), getting a lead for a job you’ve been wanting, the perfect buyer for your home, or even getting your kids to bed on time without a fuss (hallelujah!!!).

Say thank you for every miracle great and small, and you’ll be showered with more.




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Feeling better and looking better than I have in a loooong time.

You know when you have an event coming up (possibly a boudoir photoshoot) and you’re like, “MUST LOSE 5 POUNDS NOW!”

I was invited to my college roommate’s wedding in San Diego. Ever been to the land of the skinny before? Know what it’s like to compare your post-baby bod to their marathon-running-haven’t-yet-grown-a-human physique?

Isn’t the bride freaking gorgeous!?

I’m on the far right with my arm pressed against my body, and I KNOW BETTER THAN TO DO THAT.

So I needed something quick and painless. You know what isn’t painless?

  • counting calories
  • counting points
  • low-fat/low-carb/low-taste
  • vegan or paleo
  • keto or whatever that one is
  • cleanses
  • glycemic indexes

It’s all stressful and you know what stress does? It makes you fat.

I decided to keep it simple… I made a choice not to eat any added sugars. No refined sugar, no honey, no syrups, no fake splenda.

Guess what happens when you do that? You cut out all the crap without having to do any calculations or extra work.

Within 3 days, I fit into my pants more comfortably, had more energy, slept better and grumped less and I still ate: chips and salsa, cheese on crackers, fruit, bread from Panera.  I replaced my energy drinks with lemon flavored sparkling water (a bit of an acquired taste).


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Jessica & Jacey – Mother & Daughter’s Day Out Photoshoot

I met Jessica months ago at Femfessionals’ Fems’ Night Out. She was frantically trying to get the crew to assemble the pipe and drape before the doors opened, but she did everything with a smile. She came by my booth, browsed my work, said hello and dashed off to get something else in line.  As the event was wrapping up, her little girl Jacey was loving the freedom to play in the open ballroom. From that night, I had the idea that they would be perfect for a mother-daughter photoshoot.

In March, Kate of Tyler Brooke Photography and I sat down at Starbucks to work out our collaboration. I envisioned a flowing tulle skirt for mom, a giggling little girl in a pretty dress and photos that will last in their family for generations. She has the kid-whispering skills to take care of a little girl while I can bring out the best in Mom.

We knew that Jessica & Jacey would be perfect. Looking at the back of the camera, I was nearly in tears because this was exactly what I envisioned all those months ago.

It was such a joy to show each of these ladies just how special they are.

Hair & Makeup: Leslie Cersovski
Photography by: Kate & Leslie

lavish-Tyler-brooke-jjw-27_WEB.jpgBook your own photoshoot with your little one here.



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