Love notes

from our beautiful clients.

Testimonials marked with an astericks are not paired with a photo for client privacy.

Best experience…

I really liked my shoot and my visit, especially the fact that you don't get treated like a stranger, you get treated like a friend. Leslie and the team make you feel very comfortable starting from makeup and hair to the shoot. Best experience I've had and can't wait to do it again!

- Miss G (32, mom and health care professional)


"I was tired of seeing my flaws when I looked at photographs of myself. I decided to change that with this experience. Leslie made the entire process fun and comfortable, helping with everything from planning my wardrobe to showering me I compliments before, during and after the shoot. She gave me photos of myself that I truly love. She is amazing at what she does!"

Miss A (30, mom & hair stylist)*

Safe and thoughtful…

"It felt safe and thoughtful. There was excellent coaching that made me feel sexy and flirtatious but never cheap. It was a great experience and that Leslie is professional and thoughtful and clearly knows what do for the most flattering photos and is also very good and what she does!"

Miss A (40, mom and business owner, midwife)


"Best place to go for beautiful photographs. Leslie and her team are fun to be around and create a wonderful environment."

- Miss C (33, new mom, nurse)


From start to finish, I had an amazing time. Leslie's make-up/hair stylist was amazing! She was able to give me a beautiful look with just the right make-up shades and curl in my hair. While I was primped for my photo shoot, I was treated with mimosas and chocolate. I truly felt first-class! When it came time for the photography portion, Leslie made everything seem natural and put me at ease with any of my perceived imperfections. She is very skilled with her lighting techniques and poses. Lavish Boudoir was simply amazing!

- Miss R (34, mom, active duty military)*

Celebrate your beauty…

"Do it! You won't regret it. Stop waiting until you "reach your goal weight" and celebrate your beauty now. Leslie will showcase your best attributes."

- Miss E (36, nurse)

I was nervous…

"Before the shoot I was nervous and overwhelmed. I think Leslie did a great job encouraging me and coaching me from the moment I agreed to do a shoot! Even the makeup artist was encouraging during the makeover. Leslie gave great direction. Do it! Lavish can make anyone feel comfortable. :)"

- Miss C (25, nurse)


"I felt beautiful! Your coaching was perfection! created such confidence within me...! It was a wonderful time!"

 - Miss A (40, mom, entrepreneur)*

I am on cloud 9…

"Do it NOW!!! It will change how you perceive yourself! I am still on cloud 9 from this experience!!

The whole experience was amazing! The staff was professional, accommodating, and personable. I will be back!!!"

- Miss W (37, mom, nurse)

Super fun!

"Just do it! It will be better than you imagine. It was all super fun!"

- Miss A (39, mom, entrepreneur)

Super star…

"The shoot itself was AMAZING! Everyone was friendly and made you feel at ease. I felt like a super star."

- Mr. T (20, educational professional)*


"Incredible experience!! This team creates breathtaking results!! I had so much fun and am still speechless!! Thank you both!!"

- Miss K (30, mom, entrepreneur)


"Leslie did an amazing job with pictures today. She made me feel at ease and as comfortable as possible when mostly nude (lol). Was an amazing experience and I would recommend her to EVERYONE. My transformation was unbelievable and I'm IN LOVE with the results!! Her make up artist was a magician! They both definitely had their work cut out for then! Haha."

- Miss A (32)

Best pictures ever…

"Leslie took my best pictures ever. She is so good with posing and lighting that my 50+ face looked amazing. I wish she could just follow me around all of the time and make me look so beautiful."

- Miss C (58, mom, grandma, teacher)*

He says he married a model!

"Amazing experience! They made me feel absolutely gorgeous and sexy!!! Thank you Leslie and Adeana! You two are wonderful!!! My husband keeps saying he married a model!!!! I love it!!! Forget therapy... Just have Lavish Boudoir take your pics!!!"

- Miss D (35, mom, accountant)

Cherish my day…

"I don't care how thin how heavy how tall or how short you are. I don't care about your 'imperfections' or supposed 'flaws'. We ALL have something or multiple things that we don't like about ourselves because society tells us that's not 'normal'. Our scars are a reflection of our strength. Leslie and Adeana make it their mission from the moment you walk through that door to make you KNOW you're as beautiful as the next. I've had other experiences with photographers and was disappointed. I can't recommend these AMAZING real life ladies enough. I will forever cherish my day with them and adore the fire that they reignited in my soul about myself."

- Miss L (31)

"From the first moment you meet Leslie, you can tell she is just a fun, bubbly, enthusiastic and passionate person. Its like meeting a new best friend, as you instantly feel THAT comfortable with her! Her passion for her photography shines through while shooting with her. She demands excellence of herself, and it is apparent through her stunning results. The studio is beautifully decorated, and though it is large, feels very cozy and private! Leslie loves what she does, and it really shows. If you have been thinking about doing boudoir shoots, she is definitely the person I would recommend to shoot you! Lavish boudoir is fabulous, simply put!"

Miss D*

Treasure forever

"I highly recommend Lavish Boudoir, Leslie does amazing work. She makes it fun and professional. Plain and simply, every woman should have a photo shoot with Lavish Boudoir.

Leslie and Adeana create an experience you will treasure forever, they are great women that I am glad to call my friends also."

- Miss L (53)