Beauty Tip - The Duct Tape Bra


Big hair- Check. Big eyes - Check.

Big boobs - read on.

Some of us are genetically blessed.  Some (and I mean me) are not so much.  Here are my two favorite tips for bringing on the boobage.  Warning... men will lose the power of speech.

Tip #1: Remember the contouring for your face?  Same concept here.  Get a non-shimmer bronzer in a stay-put liquid or a good powder.  Brush it in the valley between your breasts.  Now take a bit of shimmering powder (I know... I'm breaking my own rule here) and dust it on the roundest part of your breasts.  Put on a great push-up bra and your set!

Tip #2:  This is for the truly dedicated because it CAN hurt a bit at the end of the night.  All of my college friends have done this at some point and let me tell you, the results are astounding.  The only thing you need?  Duct tape.  Yup. Duct tape.  Dust your nipples with talc or baby powder or protect them with a cotton pad.  You DO NOT want to pull duct tape off your nipples.  Using a strip about 12 inches long, stick it to the edge of your left breast.  Squeeze your right breast toward it and tape them into the position of cleavage you want.  Then use a second and third strip where you would have underwiring in a bra.  Now here is the important part.  Wear a well-padded or firmly lined bra so that you don't have odd-shaped breasts under your clothes.  At the end of the night remove very carefully.  If it hurts, use a little baby oil to dissolve the adhesive as you pull.

outside of your left breast