Boudoir at 40 - Miss L- Albuquerque, New Mexico


LH-Lavish-Boudoir-002.jpgL, you are one of the coolest women I've encountered. You rolled up to your consult in this bad-ass Jeep. Not the kind for cruising around town to look cute, but the kind that may or may not have rolled over a few times. And here you were booking boudoir at 40 (something) and I knew you were going to rock it. You opened up about how you've found this great place in your life. How you're busy with travel, helping take care of your grandbaby and working on all the behind-the-scenes work for you and Hubby's business.

You've been working out and absolutely killing it in the gym. You've got this beautiful new home that you love to decorate with art that means something to you. When you gave me the tour of your pieces, the enthusiasm you have just radiates. You told me you were finally ready. That this was your time to just go for it and celebrate this time in your life.

You went all out with our deluxe shoot, and I'm so glad you did. I don't know how we could have narrowed down your outfits further. Everything from the tank and jeans to the beautiful bra and undies set brought out a different side to you. Even the football and rolled up jersey was awesome.

The photoshoot was effortless for me (even if it wasn't for your lower back) and we rolled through nearly 100 fabulous photos. Scrolling through, I could hardly wait to show you.

You brought Hubby to your reveal and I'm not sure which of the 3 of us loved your photos more. It just makes my heart sore to see how much he loves you and thinks of you as this goddess. Now you have the photos to prove it.

I hope you love the album and wall art for many many years. I hope that when you glance at your metal photos that hang over your bed, you feel sexy and beautiful and loved.

Thank you so much for picking me. I cannot tell you how excited I am to know you and I am sooooo looking forward to our future projects together.




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