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The quest for better skin continues...

The quest for better skin continues...

There are quite a few brands of rollers, but what I love most about BeautyBio is the brand. I’m all about supporting the fellow female entrepreneurs. Especially the ones with heart and passion for what they’re selling.

I used this in November for a few weeks straight. The first time, I gotta admit… those tiny little needles hurt like a mo-fo. I think I was a bit aggressive with my rolling. It felt like a bad sunburn until morning. But at least it did get the blood flowing. After that, my night routine was to lightly roll my whole face in all directions and then apply my Clinique moisturizer. I don’t love that moisturizer, so I won’t bother to go look at the specific one.

After I eased up on the roller, it never hurt and it didn’t cause more than a minor flush, like when I exfoliate. It was actually kind of enjoyable because it takes about 5 minutes (an eternity in mom-time), but you feel like it’s actually working. When Adeana and I met in December, she told me my skin was glowing! Which never happens because as mentioned, I have dry dessert skin. First thought, “Oh shit, I hope I’m not pregnant.” Second thought, “Oh yay! My roller is working!”

Obsessed - Lingerie


Since the Jet corset by Agent Provocateur made its debut in fall 2013, I've been coveting it.  I told Adeana that I would have to find a way to own it even though it was nearly $800, because it is THE sexiest piece of lingerie that I've ever seen. The super whittled waist and flared hips are amazing and PVC mixed with mesh is so naughty!  I bought it a week ago on sale and when I went to check today, its down to $300!  Whether you're shopping for your boudoir shoot or for Valentine's, you can't go wrong with this sexy number.

jet agent provocateur

Photo by Agent Provocateur

Sephora VIB Sale- Adeana & Leslie's Favorites

There are just two days left for the VIB sale. If you're not already a VIB, then join Beauty Insiders and start earning some points.  Here are some of our favorites to get you started.  Oh, and I've already spent my small fortune and got some of Adeana's Favorites.  

VIB Sale Favorites from Leslie and Adeana at Lavish Boudoir from Leslie Cersovski on Vimeo.

Sephora's VIB sale (20% off for VIB members) is November 7-11 so Adeana and I wanted to share our favorite products that we use both in and out of the studio. Go purchase them at!

L'Agent by Agent Provocateur


I am a huge AP fan.  The crafsmanship, the sensuality that just pushes the boundaries, and advertisements call to me in a dangerous way.  As much as I love it, I can't bear to regularly spend $100s or even $1000s on a single lingerie look.  I must not be alone, because Agent Provocateur has debuted its significantly more affordable line.  I have yet to see them in person, but the photos look promising.  A touch of AP without having to finance a purchase with a credit card.  The following are my favorite pieces and are all available at Net-A-Porter. What do you think of their newest line?  Will you be splurging on a new sexy set?

Holy crap that's a workout!

If Tinkerbell had a fitness blog, this is what it would look like.   The instructor is sparkly, there's no other way to describe her.  So here I am thinking, "This will be easy.  No problem.  She's sweet!"  It wasn't... AT ALL.  How this woman can be so chipper while inflicting merciless pain on herself and others is beyond me.  I actually had to quit at the 4 minute mark because my abs felt like there were daggers piercing my belly.  I will try again tomorrow (after I quit crying). I think her series will be my g0-to on days I can't get to the gym and my body will both love and hate me for it.   Give it a try (I dare you!) and tell me what you think.