Great things never came from comfort zones


Get out of your own damn way because...

Great things never came from comfort lavish boudoir

Great things never came from comfort zones!

If you've been in our studio, you know this popular pose is quite uncomfortable, but it's sexy as hell. We all have our comfort zones.  It's where we live from day to day. They're great in a lot of ways.  We feel safe, they keep us happy, but they also leave us a little unfulfilled.

My personal comfort zone issue is approaching strangers (particularly women).  Whether it's making new friends at a party or approaching a beautiful woman whom I would like to photograph, I'm terrified. Like heart-racing-adrenaline-pumping-queasy-stomach terrified.  Yup, I'm a big wimp.

So how about this... let's do something today that scares us! I promise you that I'll approach a stranger **shudder** and you'll commit to doing something that is way outside your comfort zone.  Deal?

If you feel like sharing what it is, comment below.  Maybe you'll inspire someone else.  And maybe, just maybe, something GREAT will happen.


I did it!  You'd think I'd at least set myself up for confidence and success, right?  Nope. I actually completely forgot about my challenge because all I wanted to do was buy some freaking tulle from Hobby Lobby without losing a child and/or my sanity.  We all survived (with the help of some Skittles) and headed to Target.

It was meant to be.  I got in line, paid for my cart of 10 things I didn't need plus the 2 things I did, and realized I forgot diapers.  Back into the depths of Target I go with a fussy newborn and hungry toddler.  Back in line again, this woman in front of me was speaking to the checkout clerk with such animation.  She's a beautiful woman, but what caught my attention was her zest for life, for conversation and for being "real."  I had to photograph her.

So I wimped out of speaking to her then and there because I was afraid the Target employee would yell at me for solicitation (really??? this is what my mind will do to get me out of speaking to strangers).  So I hurried as quickly as I could through the line and told myself that if she was in the parking lot, I'd introduce myself.

She was... about 10 cars away and about to hop in her car.  So I started waving my arm (only one because the other was carrying Eli) frantically.  She gives me the nicest smile you could ever give a crazy lady and waves back.  So I hold up a finger, hoping that signals her to wait.  She amazingly gets the hint.  So I introduce myself and tell her that I would love to take her portrait.  She's totally psyched and gives me her name and number.  I haven't tried it yet, so maybe it's a fake.

Then it hits me... I'm wearing a scrubby t-shirt, my hair is in a messy ponytail and my makeup is limited to last night's mascara smudged under my eyes.  My eyes widen in terror.  I quickly point out that this is my emergency-run-to-Target attire and ask her to dismiss it.  She was so sweet about it.  She has 4 kids, so she gets it.

Anyway, I didn't realize until I was in my car that I had held up to my deal just in time.  And guess what, I didn't die and I didn't even throw up.  At the very least, I'm proud of myself and if all goes well, I'll have an amazing portrait session to show for it.

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