How to Boost Your Sexuality and Confidence Before a Photo Shoot

Doing a boudoir photo shoot can be a great gift to give to your partner and to yourself. Partaking in a shoot means getting in touch with your sexuality, being confident and putting it all out there for you and your partner to enjoy and the photos that come from it can even serve as a daily reminder that you are sexy no matter what. But what if you don't feel very connected with your sexuality or very confident? Is this something you shouldn't do or should feel insecure about? The answer is absolutely not. The act of doing a shoot can help you automatically feel more connected to yourself, but if you feel like you need a few confidence boosters before posing for the camera, there are a few things you can do.

Learn what you like:

Knowing what turns you on and what you like can be the greatest tool to tapping into your sexuality. Take the time to explore yourself, read an erotic novel or watch an adult movie. Assess what turns you on and dive deeper into that. Don't be afraid to take your sexuality into your own hands and truly own it. Getting a sex toy can be a great way to empower yourself to do so. Adam and Eve can be a great place to get started if you feel a little lost.

Take the time to talk to your partner:

Be open with your partner about what you like and the fantasies you have. Being open about your sexuality and desires can strengthen your relationship, give you a better sex life and help you own your sexuality. Go here for a few tips on how to talk to your partner about sex.

Engage in a healthy lifestyle:

Working out and eating right can help you feel more confident, sexy and healthy overall. After awhile, your skin will glow, your hair will be shinier, your circulation will improve and your body will look be looking it's best. This can help you feel ready for the photo shoot and even increase your libido.

Have more sex:

Engaging in sex frequently can help you fight a decreasing libido or a flailing sense of sexuality or confidence. You'll find when you move away from doing it often that you will want it less and have less of a focus on you and your sexual needs. So reignite them by doing it and doing it often (whether it's with your partner or yourself). Plus Orgasms will make your skin automatically feel like it's glowing!

Change up your style:

Feeling unsexy can be a huge mood killer for yourself and can ultimately trickle into your sex life and confidence level. Analyze your current style and see if you can make any adjustments that will make you feel more beautiful. New clothes can lift your mood, spike your confidence and even make you look younger and thinner.

Fake it til you make it:

Don't feel like your sexuality and confidence are all that they could be? Just fake it then. If you act like you think you're sexy, you will start to actually believe it. If you act like you're confident, you eventually will be.

A photo shoot is a great way to remind yourself that you are both of these things, so don't let your fear of not "being enough" in either of the sexuality or confident categories get in your way.