Miss A | Maternity Boudoir


Miss A is one of the most radiant pregnant mamas. She's a trainer, so it's not a surprise that she stayed super fit. In fact, we had to push her belly to its fullest even though she was pregnant with TWINS! Yup, that tiny belly is 30 weeks along with twins and this isn't her first pregnancy. Don't we all wish we could be so radiant? I wanted something that celebrates her unique and vibrant personality. She brought in some fantastic wardrobe options, and of course I had to photograph her on the bed set, inspired by Christina Aguilera's pregnancy photos.

Makeup: Makeup by Adeana Hair: God-given gorgeousness Photography: Leslie Cersovski

PS: Check out her sky-high Loubies! AP-Lavish-Boudoir03_WEB.jpg AP-Lavish-Boudoir06_WEB.jpg AP-Lavish-Boudoir10_WEB.jpg AP-Lavish-Boudoir25_WEB.jpg AP-Lavish-Boudoir33_WEB.jpg AP-Lavish-Boudoir42_WEB.jpg AP-Lavish-Boudoir44a_WEB.jpg AP-Lavish-Boudoir54_WEB.jpg AP-Lavish-Boudoir52_WEB.jpg AP-Lavish-Boudoir48_WEB.jpg