Miss M - Glamour Photoshoot - Albuquerque, New Mexico


Glamour Photoshoot

Sometimes a woman simply cannot recognize her own stunning beauty. M and I have been friends for a couple years now. We have 5 small children between us (me: 2, her: 3), so sometimes we'll go months without seeing each other. But she's one of the most vibrant women I've ever met. She's energetic, she's positive and always up for just one more glass of chardonnay.

Glamour Photoshoot by Lavish Boudoir  by Leslie Cersovski at Lavish Boudoir™ AlbuquerqueI have been dying to photograph this stunningly beautiful woman since the day we met. And it's taken me months to convince her to step into my studio. I finally begged her to model glamour for me since most of my clients elect to have their photos in their undies. She's a conservative kind of girl, so I knew this was the only way. I explained that I needed a woman with such an awesome wardrobe to come do a completely g-rated photoshoot and let me film some behind the scenes.

She started in makeup with Edgar Campos (recently profiled in ABQ, The Magazine) and he took a naturally gorgeous woman and emphasized her long lashes and toothpaste commercial smile. Glamour pictures at Lavish Boudoir™ Albuquerque- Sexy red dress, love her beautiful make up beautiful woman portrait wearing a gorgeous sexy red dress. Great hair for boudoir photosHer wardrobe was spectacular. The dresses... swoon. Such vibrance and classic style... kind of like her.  Albuquerque women's photo studio stunning glamour portrait idea using bench pose

I love photographing blondes against my black velvet drop. The fabric contrasts with her highlights and gentle curls beautifully. Glamour photos with black backdrop , Albuquerque photo studio Add a hair fan, and hello magazine cover. gorgeous make up for glamour photos, love her black top and skirt combo and earrings cute outfit ideas for glamour photos. Photos by Lavish Boudoir

I love a casual "girlfriend" style photo. You know how in movies, the lead is always pining after this gorgeous supposed-snapshot of his great lost love. The kind of photo that just captures the look that is unique to a woman. Photo by Leslie Cersovski at Lavish Boudoir™ Albuquerque Photo Studio Gift yourself with the beauty of glamour photos.

Thank you, M, for letting me photograph you. I know it wasn't exactly your idea of a great day, but when you told me... "That wasn't as bad as I thought," it meant the world to me. So here are some of your photos... come back and see the rest!