Summer Strawberry Cocktail

This last week Mom made the long trek from Boise to visit me in Valdosta.  No, she doesn't live in Boise.  She has been there most of the summer earning her saint status.  My Papa (her dad) recently passed away and after more than six decades of marriage (Go Nana & Papa!), Nana was taking it pretty hard.  The good daughter that my mom is, she has been helping get Nana situated in a community where she can eat meals socially, drink a glass of wine and play as much bridge or Scrabble as she can stand. Mom came here for a break.  I really don't think she has grasped what that means.  She's constantly flitting around the house offering to clean up the work-in-progress which will be the Man Room and pruning the front yard back so that my neighbors stop rolling their eyes when the walk by. So, I came up with this little concoction to slow her down to a Southern summer's pace.  Try it yourself.  It's AMAZING and perfect for front porch sitting.  Oh, did I mention it's super low-calorie and with real strawberries, it's practically health food!

Peach Summer Cocktail

Here's how to make it.

1) Turn on your slushy or ice cream maker (this one is what I use)

2) Combine 2 cans of peach Fresca, 1 cup of pureed strawberries and vodka to taste

3) Let the maker do it's magic. When it's almost as slushy as you like it, toss in some sliced strawberries

4) Head to your font porch with a friend, drinks in hand and do nothing but sit and gossip.