Black Bodysuit for Boudoir

Still on the simplicity kick here… a black long sleeve body suit. With coloring like snow white… K looks absolutely stunning in this suit. You can find similar ones at, or even Amazon.

Boudoir pro tip: the ones without crotch snaps are better if you can find them.

THE Tutu with K in Our Albuquerque Studio

Adeana and I attended the Association of International Boudoir Photographers (always learning to better serve you!) in Boulder, Colorado recently. We came back recharged and ready to play with a willing model. K was perfect the job. She’s a mom (like most of our clients), but she’s also a classically trained dancer. She is also studying acting, so I actually think I’ll have to have her back in for another shoot and let her take more control. But for now, I wanted it to be quite similar to a shoot I’d have with any other client.

She brought a pretty little tulle skirt of her own, but once I saw it, I knew I had to show her my huge pastel pink tulle skirt. She couldn’t see my grin behind the mountain of tulle I was carrying, but I couldn’t wait to see her reaction.

She just about squealed and said,

“Oh my god! My dream tutu!”

Here are a few shots I wanted to share. If you’re interested in where I got the skirt, shoot me an e-mail. I have a little girls’ version, too.

Makeup and Hair: Adeana Dillon
Photography: Leslie Cersovski
Location: Albuquerque Studio

Miss J - Boudoir - Valdosta, Georgia

I adore this woman.  We met for a consultation before her shoot and she declares, "My husband told me I look the best I ever have.  I want to do this now."  I have no idea what she looked like before we met, but she is a knockout now.  We did a few shots at the request of her hubby (men love those daisy dukes) and some gorgeous girly ones for her.  The best thing... she didn't want to secret her pictures away in an album.  She wanted a collage of 10 photos hung on her wall.  I will update later if she sends me a picture of the display.  J, I had so much fun working with you.  I hope we'll get to work together again.


Miss J - Lavish Boudoir - Atlanta, Georgia


We did J's shoot at a hotel in Atlanta.  The makeup artist, Latonya Beckum, had arrived so I went downstairs to greet her.  Standing in the lobby, this adorable woman walks by lugging a giant Victoria's Secret tote.  Of course I assumed it was J, so I stepped out and said hi.  J was so focused on mentally preparing for  her shoot, that she totally walked right by.  I was so embarrassed and figured that I had just greeted some random lady.  Turns out, it was J.  We laughed and got her straight up to the room to get her dolled up.  We talked about her kids, her husband and life in general while Latonya worked her magic.  The shoot was flawless and we ended up going a bit over-time.  Oops!  It was a treat to work with gorgeous J!!! P.S. Still love those pink shoes!