Miss K - Lavish Boudoir - Sacramento, CA 2010


Miss K has more spirit inside her than you can ever imagine.  She's so candid and never hesitates to share a kind word.  She's touched heart several times, just when I needed it. We have known each other in passing for 15+ years.  I'd have shared her photos years ago, but she just got the emotional nudge she needed to sign the model release.  As all my clients know, I never share a single image without permission.  With permission granted, I couldn't wait to share.  So in honor of Flashback Friday, Miss K in 2010. copyright Leslie Cerosvski @ www.LavishBoudoir... - all rights reserved.


Ms. C - California - Lavish Boudoir®


I freaking loved C.  Here's my favorite C story.  Because I did this shoot in California, and we were extremely rushed to make the holiday deadline for my album company, I did a Google Hangout to show her the pictures.  I'd signed on just to check my settings and an invitation to "hang out" pops up from C.  I figured, "No problem," we could do the reveal then and there.  We connected and I started showing her pics.  After a couple of pics I realized she kept looking over her shoulder.  I asked her where she was and she told me she was shopping!  She couldn't even wait to get home to see them.  She is so beautiful and sweet.  C, thank you for allowing me to photograph you and trusting me to advise and style your shoot.  You're fabulous!  

Ms. M - California - Lavish Boudoir®


M and I went to high school together. We hardly knew each other then, but mutual friends brought us back together for one amazing shoot.  Here's the thing... M came in absolutely gushing about how nervous she was.  I have a very hard time believing her because this girl nailed it.  We chatted about her 4 kids (yes you read that correctly) and how her husband would just love his Christmas present.  We had so much fun and I loved getting to know an old classmate.  Thank you, M for letting me share your beautiful portraits.  Good luck to you on #5.  

Lavish Boudoir - Makeovers Before & After


Remember back in the day when Oprah wasn't an empire, but just entertaining afternoon TV?  Jenny Jones and Ricki Lake?  I would park my jr. high butt at the kitchen counter with a snack and just LOVED watching those shows... the makeover episodes in particular.  There is something so amazing about the transformation from average woman (or from over-the-top horrendous) to stunning beauty.  It's not just the glamour, it's the strut in her step and the twinkle in her eyes. All of my fine portraiture sessions include hair and makeup by top professionals for just this reason.  Before I even turn a camera on a client, she is meant to feel gorgeous, sexy and a little bit sassy.  Have you checked out my before & after gallery?  See some of these transformations! Miss C - Boudoir Makeover



Miss A - Boudoir - Sacramento, California


I LOVE working with clients who are referred by former clients (or current in this case).  Miss K, who is one of my repeat customers, sent Miss A.  We did her shoot in Sacramento while I was in town.  She elected to do her own makeup, which I'm usually very nervous about.  This girl didn't even need makeup.  Who has skin that luminous without makeup or retouching???  A was so much fun to shoot.  She's got all the right curves and knew how to rock them.  It was such an honor to shoot another military spouse.  She's been with her husband since they were just teens and she is clearly wild about him.  Miss A, thank  you for trusting me to create these pictures for you and your man. Miss A - Lavish - Boudoir - zebra - bra & panty set

Miss A - Lavish - Boudoir - zebra - bra & panty setMiss A - Lavish - Boudoir - zebra - bra & panty setMiss A - Lavish - Boudoir - zebra - bra & panty setMiss A - Lavish - Boudoir - zebra - bra & panty setMiss A - Lavish - Boudoir - shoulder peakMiss A - Lavish - Boudoir - shoulder peak

Mr. & Mrs. F - Boudoir - San Francisco

Mrs. F is a regular client of mine from the Bay Area of California.  I shot her wedding way back when and have done 3 boudoir shoots with her.  In fact, she was my first in a gorgeous suite in a beautiful San Francisco hotel.  This time,  I wanted to collaborate with my favorite Sacramento makeup artist, Courtney Carmack of Kiss & Makeup.  We wanted to do a darker boudoir shoot with a sort of goth theme.  I know... so different from my usual style.  We started shooting and chatting.  This girl can pose and sell it!  Anything I asked of her, she was game.  Anyway, we started talking about her husband's tattoos.  The three of us decided that we would have to drag him to the shoot and incorporate his ink and a little fake blood. (Yes, Courtney just happened to have fake blood in her kit. Ha!)   He was pretty hesitant at first, but once we got "the shot," and told him he could go, he said, "That's it?  Just that? No more."  I think he was enjoying his moment in the spotlight.  I just wanted to share this shoot with y'all and say a big thank you to Mr. & Mrs. F!