The Lavish Boudoir Team


Owner/Principal Photographer in Albuquerque

Hi! I'm Leslie. This is what I look like all the time... bahahahahaha.  Right.  I'm a mom of two little boys, so let's just say that the only time I put on more than mascara is when I get to come to work.  Yes, get to.  I LOVE MY JOB.

I am privileged to take a woman like me (barely-time-to-shower-let-alone-get-a-bikini-wax-but-still-want-to-feel-super-sexy), and pamper her for a day.  A whole day about you.  No kids, no spouse, no needy labrador (is everyone's dog as needy as mine?)... just a gorgeous makeover and one spectacularly sexy photo shoot.  And if that wasn't awesome enough... we do a same-day reveal of your fully-retouched photos. The last thing I want is for you to agonize for days if the photos turn out.  They will, better than you can ever imagine.

Sexy shoot in the morning, a little free time in the afternoon while I flawlessly finish your photos and presentation in the evening.  So play hooky with me... I won't tell your boss that you were sipping champagne rather than chamomile tea or lounging in lingerie rather than buried in your comfy jammies.  You deserve this.


P.S.  I'm just as nervous in front of the camera as you, so relax... I'll take care of everything.

 Principal Photographer in Valdosta



Adeana is another California girl transplant.  She had her own boudoir shoot done by the Boudoir Divas in Southern California and moved to Valdosta with her Air Force husband.  Without much hope of finding a boudoir studio here, she Googled.  Thank goodness she did!  She was the answer to my prayers with her unbelievable skill with makeup.  She was just what I needed. After working with me for almost two years, she's taken an interest in photography.  I couldn't resist training her skills with a camera.  Now, she is THE photographer for Lavish Boudoir's studio in Valdosta, Georgia.

She sings... a lot.  She laughs... a lot.  She uses emojis... a lot. And she's the kind of woman you could chat with for hours.   She's extraordinarily talented both with a makeup brush and a camera.  She'll make you look so freaking hot, you'll want to keep her to do your makeup every day.

P.S.  We're both actually extremely smiley and silly people.  Check out our YouTube Channel to see our personalities.