The Scientific Reason You Should Book a Couple's Boudoir Photoshoot


Scientific? Yup…well sort of. I'm not a scientist, but I do know a thing or two about the subject.

Why you should book a boudoir photoshoot | Lavish Boudoir | Albuquerque, NM

Have you thought about the couples boudoir photoshoot idea? Yes... then ready on for why. In short, it’s amazing and can really spark something in a relationship.

Have you ever watched the Bachelor/Bachelorette franchise? About midway through the season, they push the participants waaaay out of their comfort zones together. They do this to fast-track the bond that has to be created within the course of a few weeks for filming. Whether it’s repelling from a tall building, crossing a rickety suspension bridge or stripping down in front of a virtual stranger, you’ll have this adrenaline rush. When it subsides, you’re flooded with endorphins and oxytocin. You look into your partner’s eyes and you associate all those good vibes with him. Tada... true love... or something that feels like it.Boudoir photography ideas for couples | Lavish Boudoir™ | Albuquerque, NM

I have a funny little rule for my couple’s shoots: NO KISSING!

You’re probably thinking that sounds really strange for a sexy photoshoot. The reason is two-fold.

  1. It keeps everything in check. I’m not an nc-17 kind of photographer. There are no sexual acts in my photoshoots. Just lots of seduction. This leads me to my second reason
  2. Seduction is the most gorgeous kind of intimacy between a couple. It’s the longing to touch, taste and quite frankly… get busy, that brings out those gorgeous photos.

Boudoir photography ideas for couple kissing | Lavish Boudoir™ | Albuquerque, NM

If you look through my photos, you won’t see an actual kiss. Lots of almost-kisses. Do you know how sexy it is to be millimeters from her lips and not be able to follow through? Your heart is pounding, your hormones are flooding and you ares so ready to take your lover home and have your way.

Remember I mentioned those happy hormones? Those are unleashed through your body every single time you look at that photo. You brain sees those photos and you are transported back to that moment and those feelings.

Put a beautiful print on your wall and experience that fire every single day.

Some of the highlights from my favorite couple’s boudoir photoshoots:

Boudoir photography ideas for couple interacting | LavishBoudoir™ | Albuquerque, NM Boudoir photography ideas for couple undressing | Lavish Boudoir™ | Albuquerque, NM Boudoir photography ideas for beautiful hair | Lavish Boudoir™ | Albuquerque, NM albuquerque,boudoir,Brunette,Couple,lingerie,wall, albuquerque,boudoir,Brunette,Couple,lingerie,wall, albuquerque,boudoir,Brunette,Couple,lingerie,wall,