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to make you feel incredibly comfortable

I have had the pleasure of having Leslie photograph me twice and I can not say enough good things about her. She not only takes amazing photos but also takes the time to make you feel incredibly comfortable and confident during your shoot which shows in the finished product.

— AG

What a wonderful experience.

Leslie and her team are AMAZING! Coming from a woman that is fairly self conscious, I was nervous prior to my shoot. However, when I arrived Leslie put my mind at ease instantly! She is so professional and amazingly artistic. I started out doing my shoot for my husband but it turned out that I benefited from it just as much! I recommend Lavish Boudoir to any woman! What a wonderful experience and I can't wait to schedule my next shoot!

— BK


“I recommend Leslie at Lavish with all my heart.”

I just had my first boudoir photo shoot with Leslie at Lavish in Albuquerque. I was so nervous when I arrive at the fantastic studio. I was greeted by a sign by the door personally welcoming me. When I went in Leslie greeted me and introduce me to her assistant and makeup artist. They were all so friendly which allowed me to start relaxing. Leslie poured me a glass of white wine to sip on while the makeup artist went to work. She explained everything she was doing and asked me what I wanted. When she was done, I have never looked so beautiful. Then Leslie and her assistant took over. Leslie only utilizes natural light which produces fantastic pictures. She was extremely good at directing me in the poses, often demonstrating them herself. Her assistant had an excellent eye for detail herself which contributed to the fantastic photos. Shortly after the photo session started, I was no longer nervous and had a lot of fun. I was disappointed when it was over. My photos were ready for review that afternoon. I never knew that be so beautiful and sexy. It almost brought tears to my eyes. Leslie helped helped me pick out the package and paced the order right there. I couldn't decide on which photos, so I bought them all. They were all so great.

I just picked up the photo album and wall art and all of the excitement was back.

I recommend Leslie at Lavish with all my heart. If you have ever had the slightest thought of having a Boudoir photo shoot I say "GO FOR IT GIRL!". You will not be disappointed if you go with Leslie. I am already wanting to do another one so I am saving my pennies.

— TL


It was fun, exciting and most importantly comfortable.

Leslie at Lavish Boudoir in Albuquerque is phenomenal!!! I was originally photographed by her in the Valdosta, GA location and can honestly say she is one of the best in her field... It was fun, exciting and most importantly comfortable. I am in no way a skinny girl and my photos came out beautifully. She really knows her stuff and makes you feel so comfortable in your own skin. I now have beautiful and timeless photos of myself that I will forever cherish. Its easy to say I'll wait till I lose 10 lbs or I am too old for boudoir but, the time is now ladies. A lot of people say this is a once in a lifetime experience, but for me its something I just might repeat in my 30's, 40's and maybe into my 80's :) 

— AH

“…and will forever cherish my experience and the fire they reignited in my soul, forever.

I don't care how thin, how tall, or how short you are. I don't care about your "imperfections" or supposed "flaws". We ALL have something about ourselves that we don't like because society tells us it's not "normal". Our scars are a reflection of our strength. Leslie made it her mission from the moment I walked through the studio doors to make me KNOW that I'm as beautiful as the next. I've had several other shoots with photographers and never felt comfortable with their style, or skill.I can't recommend Leslie enough and will forever cherish my experience and the fire they reignited in my soul, forever. Love you Leslie!!!

— LW


It made my wife feel so much better about herself and her body

"My wife had a shoot done by Leslie and I couldn't be happier with the results. Of course I'm in love with the incredibly sexy photos, but more importantly it made my wife feel so much better about herself and her body. Thank you so much!

— ZH (a groom who received a gift album)

left me speechless!!

Leslie is a phenomenal photographer and her attention to detail for each individual client is incredible!! My overall experience left me speechless!! 

— KH


I will use her again and again

I have been photographed multiple times by Leslie at Lavish Boudoir over the years and boy, is she amazing! She is so professional, and has a complete ability to make you feel comfortable while shooting. She is great with angles (posing you in a way that you look your best in the photo), and is beyond talented. I have a photo album and canvas that I cherish from the photo shoots we did together. I will use her again and again in the future.

— CM

made me feel beautiful and confident again

Leslie is an amazing photographer. She makes you feel comfortable and at ease. She made me feel beautiful and confident again. Something all women need every once in a while!!!

— DH (the bride who gave ZH an album)


You will love it and become addicted.

Amazing experience from start to finish! One truly feels like a star when in the makeup chair, and in front of Leslie's camera! Leslie is extremely talented and will give you all the guidance you need before, during, and after your shoot!!! You will love it and become addicted.

— JC (who has done many many shoots with us over the last 7 years)

I already have my next shoot booked!!!”

Leslie made me feel so comfortable and relaxed! I had fun shooting with her, and I absolutely loved the end results with the pictures! I’ve done a boudoir once before with another photographer, but Leslie has made this experience so much better for me. I love way these photos came out compared to my first time! I would definitely recommend to anyone! I already have my next shoot booked! A couple’s boudoir! I can’t wait to see what that will hold for me and my husband!

— JD


Seriously best experience”

Leslie and the team she has put together are AMAZING! Truly an awesome experience from start to finish. If you don't know exactly what you're looking for, Leslie has plenty of experience to give you a variety of ideas without overwhelming you... and on the flip side, if you know exactly what you're looking for she can make it happen! The consultations are so helpful. When I showed up, the studio was setup beautifully and it really made me feel like I was a star having my name on a sign and a whole wardrobe on showcase. The bathroom was even glamorous! The makeup artist was super friendly and encouraging as I expressed my nerves to her... she explained everything she was doing as well since I'm not much of a makeup wearer. We laughed together and just truly had a great time as I was being prepared for my glamour shoot. Once I was ready, she encouraged me to just enjoy myself! Leslie then took over and knew exactly what to do and what worked best, what would make me most comfortable, etc. Her coaching was clear and kind. When the photoshoot was done, I went home for a few hours and then my pictures were ready! I was back at the studio in the afternoon with Leslie showing me her work and it was hard to even choose which photos to take, but she coached me through that as well since I was so unsure. After choosing my package I had my prints in no time! Seriously best experience.... and I can't wait for my second session here in the next few months!!

— CT

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