“The question isn’t who’s going to let me… it’s who’s going to stop me.”

Can you imagine glancing at a piece of art on the wall that reminds you of your courage and your beauty so that you can fall in love with the woman you are in that moment?

Can you imagine loving yourself (body included) so fiercely that you are unshakable?

A woman who loves her body exudes a confidence, not because she’s perfect, but because she’s perfectly happy in her own skin.


What do I wear?

We have wardrobe to borrow and plenty of advice to give. We’ll style the shoot to your own version of sexy.

Do you have a makeup + hair professional?

Yes, and she’s amazingly talented.

What if I don’t look like a supermodel?

None of our clients do. Each is stunning, though, right? But none walks into the studio looking like a lingerie model. What you’re seeing is a fresh makeover and fearless confidence. Now THAT is sexy. Request our before and after gallery here.

When can I book?

Our shoots usually book up shortly after the dates are released. We do offer a waitlist here in case you want a shoot within 3 months. We sometimes open spaces if the schedule allows.


Which are you?

40+ is Fucking Fabulous
for the woman who is sophisticated, intelligent, and really getting comfortable in her own skin. She’s sexy, she knows it and she’s ready to prove it.

Yummy Mummy
for the mom who is more likely to wear yoga pants than lingerie. She spends her time (and money) taking care of everyone but herself. We want to show her that she is valuable, lovable and sexy as hell.

for the woman who never takes a day off. Who burns off her wine calories and work stress at hot yoga or a long hike on Saturday. We want her to play hooky for a day and enjoy a little time off from the intensity.

for the expecting mom who doesn’t want maternity photos in a landscape setting. Who wants to celebrate this amazing chapter of her life with photos that are playful, pretty and classy. We’ll offer a combination of boudoir, implied nudes, and traditional portraiture.




I truly felt first-class!

“From start to finish, I had an amazing time. I truly felt first-class! Lavish Boudoir was simply amazing!”

— Rachael (Yummy mummy & girlboss)

Leslie made me feel so comfortable!

”I was so nervous before I went on Thursday, but Leslie made me feel so comfortable and at ease. I would SO recommend this experience to any woman”

— Lauren (40+ is fucking fabulous)

I will forever cherish my day with them.

“I don't care how thin how heavy how tall or how short you are. I don't care about your "imperfections" or supposed "flaws". We ALL have something or multiple things that we don't like about ourselves because society tells us that's not "normal". Our scars are a reflection of our strength. Leslie makes it her mission from the moment you walk through that door to make you KNOW you're as beautiful as the next. I will forever cherish my day with them and adore the fire that they reignited in my soul about myself.”

— Lauren (girlboss)




Take a break from the ordinary.

Join us for an extraordinary experience created just for you.

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