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I'm Leslie Cersovski, and I want to be your photographer. I've been photographing women since 2010 when I started this business in my home. I'm a military wife, a mom of two boys, an entrepreneur, a 99% vegetarian, a lover of shoes and obessessed with all kinds of pretty things.

I'm a believer in changing the world, once small step at a time. When a woman believes in herself, that she's enough in this world, then there is no stopping her. I don't photograph boudoir, I photograph women, I photograph their budding confidence, I photograph their bravery, I photograph their connection with a sensuality they've lost or never known.

I specialize in providing high-end boudoir portraits for women in their 30s, 40s and 50s. It would be an honor to have you into my beautiful Nob Hill Albuquerque studio and create the most beautiful photos you've ever seen of yourself.


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"I don't care how thin how heavy how tall or how short you are. I don't care about your 'imperfections' or supposed 'flaws'. We ALL have something or multiple things that we don't like about ourselves because society tells us that's not "normal". Our scars are a reflection of our strength. Leslie and Adeana make it their mission from the moment you walk through that door to make you KNOW you're as beautiful as the next. I've had other experiences with photographers and was disappointed. I can't recommend these AMAZING real life ladies enough. I will forever cherish my day with them and adore the fire that they reignited in my soul about myself." - Miss L (31)

"I highly recommend Lavish Boudoir, Leslie does amazing work.She makes it fun and professional.Plain and simply, every woman should have a photo shoot with Lavish Boudoir. The team together creates an experience you will treasure forever, they are great women that I am glad to call my friends also." - Miss L (53)

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