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Shortly after I started shooting boudoir portraits, I realized why I am so drawn to the genre. Women spend so many moments that add up to hours, days or weeks feeling inadequate.  Like there’s some bar that we just can’t measure up to. I want to do my little part to create the opposite.

If I  can give you a moment when you look in the mirror and think, “Wow!” or a day when you feel great, or a saucy swing in your step for the rest of your life, then I’ve done my job.

I’m a mom, wife, and entrepreneur... An ordinary woman with lofty ambitions.

I would be honored to photograph you and give you those moments.



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"I don't care how thin how heavy how tall or how short you are. I don't care about your 'imperfections' or supposed 'flaws'. We ALL have something or multiple things that we don't like about ourselves because society tells us that's not "normal". Our scars are a reflection of our strength. Leslie and Adeana make it their mission from the moment you walk through that door to make you KNOW you're as beautiful as the next. I've had other experiences with photographers and was disappointed. I can't recommend these AMAZING real life ladies enough. I will forever cherish my day with them and adore the fire that they reignited in my soul about myself." - Miss L (31)

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"I highly recommend Lavish Boudoir, Leslie does amazing work.She makes it fun and professional.Plain and simply, every woman should have a photo shoot with Lavish Boudoir. The team together creates an experience you will treasure forever, they are great women that I am glad to call my friends also." - Miss L (53)

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