5 Unique Holiday Gift Ideas for Your Man


Wondering what to give your husband, fiance, or boyfriend for Christmas this year?  Tired of racking your brain each year, only to have him give a genuine thank-you, but the gift ends up in the back of the closet?  I've got a list of 5 great gift ideas for you! 1) A little bit of luxury for his morning routine:

Art of Shaving Engraved Razor

This engraved razor handle set from The Art of Shaving  is paired with silver-tip badger hair shaving brush.  You can find a variety of decadent products for your guy with kits starting at $25.

2) Manly sweets for your guy.

root beer candy from Raley's Confectionary

This flavored hard candy from Raley's Confectionary is hand-crafted in Central Florida and made from organic sugar.  Each flavor is more delicious than the next... rootbeer, cappuccino, framboise... and can even be custom made.

3. A bag that is all mantool bag from sturdybrothers.comThe Orville Tool Roll from Sturdy Brothers is absolutely gorgeous in its ruggedness. Each of their wax-coated canvas and leather goods is created by the brothers in Thomasville, Georgia.

4.  No joke, these gifts require a crow-bar to open.  Fortunately, it's provided in the package.

Man Crate

Several categories of gifts can be packaged into a wooden crate.  Whether he's an athlete, a carnivore, or an outdoorsman, there's something for him at Man Crates.

5.  Sexy pictures!

lavish boudoir album

I'm aware that I'm totally biased, but boudoir photos are the ultimate gifts for your guy.  Oh, and it's fun for you, too.  You can spoil him with a metal print, a leather-wrapped album or an ipad full of your best photos to keep him happy all year long. Remember that sessions must be completed early to get your products ready in time for Christmas!  Book your session with Lavish Boudoir by clicking here or use the contact link above for more information.