Frequently Asked Questions

When you're thinking about getting naked in front of a stranger's camera, you're gonna have some questions.  Let me dive right in and answer our most frequently asked questions... but remember: I've heard it all, so if you have a specific question, click that consult link at the bottom. I am here to help!

Where is your studio?

Our dedicated photography studio is in Northwest Albuquerque (an easy drive from the greater ABQ area, Santa Fe, El Paso, Canon Air Force Base, Denver and Scottsdale). We have a dressing room, a light and airy room, a dark and moody bedroom, and a cozy area for your reveal and product consults. Every square foot is designed to make you look fabulous.

Who will take my photos?

Me! Leslie. I’m just a regular woman with a load of dorky jokes and bad happy dance moves. My superpower is giving women the gift of confidence through photos.

What if I am uncomfortable getting down to my skivvies?

I can absolutely photograph you in a g-rated way that gives you the same confidence boost. A cocktail dress can be just as sexy as a corset and a sweater as sexy as stockings. Boudoir isn’t about sex, it’s about sensuality.

Will you help me be sexy/sensual?

Yes! It is not your job to be photogenic or to pose or even to know how to look "sexy." I coach you before and during your photoshoot from head to toe. I've been mentored by some of the best photographers in the world and know just how to bring out the sexy in you. I'll make it easy and fun. You'll laugh way more than you think.

Will my photos be on your website/social media/studio samples?

With permission, I love to share gorgeous photos with women who are considering booking. After all, isn’t that why you’re here? Because you saw the other women on my site? However, I would never jeopardize a woman’s right to privacy. I’ll ask you after your shoot if you’d like to share one/some/none/all of your photos. That’s 100% up to you.

What about client privacy?

This piggy-backs on the last question. The whole team values your privacy very much. We don't use client galleries (they get hacked even with passwords), we don't send your photos out for retouching, our printers are all completely legit (Finao, GraphiStudio, The Boudoir Album, H&H Color Lab, SimplyColorLab and Bayphoto are our usuals). If you're particularly cautious, I have the ability to do printing in house so that they'll never leave my studio until they go home with you.

Also, my clients open up to me a lot, and your secrets are safe with me. Let's get vulnerable.

Does the session fee include hair & makeup?

Oh yes! It's one of the best parts of the experience. Even if you feel like you are a pro at your day-to-day makeup, our artists know just how to make you up to look flawless on camera.  I’ve got very high expectations on your behalf. You want to look flawless. Also, applying your own false lashes is super annoying and that’s the last thing you want to feel before your photoshoot. Right?

Does it cost less if I do my own hair and makeup?

The session fee stays the same, so you might as well get the full experience.

What should I wear?

Wait 'til you see the goodies we have... lace! vintage fur! silk! steel-boned corsets!  Also, I'll help you find cute things in your own closet or new things to splurge on.

Will you "Photoshop" me?

I polish all of the proofs to get rid of cellulite, pimples, under-eye circles and anything we all try to get rid of with expensive lotions and potions. However, I do not shave off 10 pounds or 2 sizes. I just pose you well from the beginning, and it's totally unnecessary. I want you to look like the most well-rested version of yourself!

How long does it take to get my proofs back?

You'll be invited into my studio for your proofing and ordering session within 1 week. You'll see a slideshow of full retouched photos and there you’ll make your album, folio and wall art purchases. We do not offer online galleries

What if I just want digitals?

Our photos come in print+digital format, so anything that you buy comes in print and in digital format. If you don't want the prints, we can skip them, but the price stays the same per photo.

What sets you apart?

What sets us apart is the standard we hold ourselves to.  I'm Leslie, the owner. I expect nothing less than flawless from my makeup artists, I expect myself to enthusiastically bring out the best in my clients, and I expect my printers to provide heirloom-quality products that are worth every penny. Along the way, you'll be treated like the very important person you are. I'm your photographer... and your friend.

When will my shoot be?

We are available Tuesday, Thursday and occasionally Friday mornings. Sometimes we can accommodate two shoots in a day if you want to book with a friend. Be sure to ask!

When should I book my shoot?

Albums and custom folios take approximately 8 weeks to be handmade. Ideally your photoshoot would be 9 weeks before you need the final product in hand. We do have rush options available if you’re in a hurry.

How much is this going to cost?

The initial investment is $450 plus tax which includes 5-star service of wardrobe coaching, hair + makeup, photography (3-4 outfits), retouching of all proofs. Images are purchased separately. individual images start at $240 and custom albums start at just $850.

I’m ready! How do I book?

Awww… it’s an honor. If you’re ready and I’ve answered all of your questions, just click here: BOOK A PHOTOSHOOT

I hope this answers most of your burning questions. If not, go ahead and shoot us an e-mail. We promise it's not weird and we won't laugh. I look forward to it!