Beautiful Women Being Bullied and Why I Stop It


Beautiful women are being bullied every single day.

Many of my clients come to me and bare not just their skin, but a bit of their souls. One of my biggest rules is that I don't allow the f-word (fat), c-word (cellulite), or h-word (as in "I hate my..."). I am honored to capture the unique beauty of every-day women and reflect it back to them with portraits. I cannot believe how difficult it is to spend 6 hours (when all is said and done) with a woman and keep her from saying these things. Seriously, I need to start rapping their knuckles. ***JUST KIDDING***

When you read the title Beautiful Women Being Bullied. you maybe rolled your eyes. No one ever thinks that they're the woman I'm writing about. "Beautiful doesn't describe me. I'm average at best."

Women can be their own worst bullies. Would you ever speak to someone you love the way you do to your own reflection? Can you imagine if you greeted your best friend at the pool and said,

"Ugh. You are having such a fat day."

"Your thighs are disgusting, but your arms are so scrawny!"

"and don't get me started on your limp hair and bad skin!"?

She'd cry... and you'd be a b*tch. So why oh why aren't you as kind to yourself as you are to your best friend? Isn't it time that we love ourselves?

So, please try to take the time to be kind to yourself.  Find what you love and forgive what you don't.  Life's too short.


Go ahead and write that on your mirror.

YOU are beautiful, you're enough, and you need to stand up to that bully.