Beauty Tip - Blow Out

There has never been a Victoria's Secret Angel with limp and lifeless hair.  Blow out your hair like a pro and get the most volume and swing you can. 1) Apply a volumizing product to your roots.  Just your roots.

2) Blow your hair 90% dry while flipping it upside down.

3) Section off a little of your hair at the crown of your head.  Clip the rest back and out of the way.

4) Use a large ceramic round brush to pull your hair taught while you dry it the rest of the way.  Wrap 1-2 inch sections around a medium to large velcro roller and secure it.

5) Repeat section by section from the crown of your head to the nape of your neck.

6) Set with a comb-through hairspray like this one.

7) Let hair completely cool while you apply your makeup, undo the rollers and comb through.

See?  Amazing volume!  Now go put on your highest heels and turn some heads!