Miss P - Boudoir - Los Angeles


The lovely Miss P was one of my clients in Huntington Beach. One of her good friends put together a boudoir party just before Valentine's Day as a gift for their guys and to celebrate participating in the Surf City Marathon.  The organizer sent out adorable  invites stocked with a pair of Hanky Panky panties.  Miss P shows up and says, "I've always been the good girl!  I want to be sexy!"  She brought two bags full of Victoria's Secret and the attitude that she was going to put herself out there completely.  The result: AMAZING!  Her look was made complete by the incredibly talented Carina at Flawless Faces, Inc.  If you're in So Cal, you must go by her studio for your next big event.  Her studio is gorgeous and the woman knows what she's doing.  Miss P's hair had the perfect sexy waves, compliments of Carrie Flintrop at Studio 37. Miss P, thanks for the shoot. I could have shot all day with you.  By the way, can you believe this woman is 37!?!  Yes, I threatened to card her. :-) Lessons that my future clients can take away from Miss P's session:

1) Perform! Come out of your comfort zone and you'll be amazed at the result.

2) This is once in a lifetime.  Go all out.  Buy/borrow the cutest lingerie and go get your makeup done.  Even clip-in extensions can add an extra sultry touch

3) Trust the photographer.  It's in my best interest to make you look fabulous, because then you'll love your photos, buy more and send more clients my way!


Boudoir in Cycling Jersey - Huntington Beach, CA