Hair Extensions for Boudoir? Yes, please!

At Lavish Boudoir we believe in going all out for the experience.  I've had clip-in and tape-in extensions and I LOVE them both.  I have fine blonde, medium-long hair and it gives me ridiculously lush, never-have-a-bad-hair-day, long locks.  Both have their pros and cons. Clip-ins: Best value for the short term.  We can easily clip them in for your shoot, then you can use them later for a glamorous night out.  They usually run around $125 for 14" remy human hair.  Longer costs more.  I got the ones pictured on J below on sale at Sally's for $95!  Choose a color similar to yours.  It doesn't have to be an exact match because they'll just look like high lights or low lights when blended.  Take good care of them, and they'll last for years of sporadic use.

Semi-Permanent Tape-Ins: These are expensive ($350+), but you get to treat them like your own hair.  You will have them every morning, day and night.  You have to be pretty gentle with the adhesive,  but you can curl, straighten and style them as you would your own natural hair.  These will have to be done by a professional.

Bottom line, even if you have a lot of hair, like J, these still give you that extra oomph that screams bombshell hair.  I do not recommend these for hair shorter than shoulder length unless you have a salon professional apply them.  Every time we've attempted, it looks sort of like a mullet.

Makeup and Hair: Adeana Dillon
Photography: Leslie Cersovski

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