Face of Lavish Boudoir Search 2013 - Finalists


Oh my goodness, hello hotness.  It was so difficult to narrow all of my contestants down to these four women.  I chose them because each of them is so uniquely beautiful and I enjoyed their entries.  I had the opportunity to provide them with professional makeup by Adeana Dillon and a quick little shoot.  The shoot served two purposes.  I wanted to treat each lady to a little bit of luxury, and I wanted to see who I would click with.  Well... the first part was easy.  The second... they're all so sweet and fun! Here are a few portraits from each woman.  I hope you love them.  Feel free to comment and cheer these beautiful women on.  These are simply in order of shoot schedule.  Please remember that this is a place for positive love and snarky comments will not be approved.  Thank you  to Tiffany, Shundra, Tricia & Jennifer.  I adore you all!