Favorite Things - Every-Day Lashes


I'm obsessed with long lashes.  I'm always in pursuit of the best mascara, I'm a big fan of Latisse, and false lashes are my friend.  However, for every-day wear, false lashes can seem a bit garish and mascara is just never quite enough.  But I have solved this! Go buy these two things:

Prep your lashes by curling and applying mascara.

Cut each lash strip in half.

Apply the glue in a thin line.  This brush applicator is the best.  So much better than those nasty tubes I used.  Wait 30 seconds until it gets tacky.

Take a half-strip and apply it so that the longest lashes (which used to be the center) are lined up with the outer corner of your eyes.

Press the base of the lashes carefully into your lash-line.

Tada! Sexy lashes that are perfectly suitable for every-day wear.