Favorite Things - Girl Meets Pearl

The holidays were amazing.  CJ and I headed to Oregon to spend some quality time with his family.  I knew it would be ridiculously cold (I'm sort of a wimp), but I had no idea that it would be so dry that my skin would absolutely freak out.  If it were just time to catch up with relatives and eat goodies, it would be no big deal.  But those red spots and flaky patches were about to be permanently recorded in professional family portraits and destined to be hung in at least 4 homes for the foreseeable future. Ugghh.  I headed to the mall, desperate.  I bought a thick moisturizer and then stumbled across something wonderful.  Girl Meets Pearl at the Benefit counter.  It's a pearlized primer that completely rescued my haggard skin.  Post-moisturizer and pre-foundation and concealer, and it was genius.  Now that I'm back to the wonderful humidity of the South, I use it instead of foundation on my good skin days.  It's the first I've found that makes you glow but not look sparkly. P.S. It smells nice, too.