Happiness is being a boudoir photographer.

The other day on Facebook, I posted, "I love my job!"  It was after an amazing day with a wonderful client.  She was so nervous to shoot last weekend.  She brought moral support and sort of tip-toed her way into the session.  By the end, she was rocking it.  She got to see her photos for the first time yesterday and loved them.  She confessed that the night before she'd had a nightmare that she looked gruesome in her photos.  Yeah, like I would let that happen! Out of dozens of photographs there were only three that she could live without.  She walked away thrilled to have purchased a gorgeous leather-bound album full of her favorites.  I walked away thrilled to know that maybe on a day when she's not feeling so glamorous, she'll pull that album off the shelf and remember just how gorgeous and sexy she really is.

Every single day, I get to help women feel beautiful.  That is an amazing privilege, despite the hard work.  I feel so blessed to help build women up when the world often seems set on tearing them down.  The magazines send messages like, "You're not thin enough," or "Your skin is the wrong color."  I get to work with a client and prove that she is sexy exactly the way she is.

On a side note... I'm going to London next week!  Yay!  Stay tuned for pictures.