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Studies say choreplay is sexy...

WTF is choreplay? In a study called Egalitarianism, Housework, and Sexual Frequency in Marriage, Kornrich, Brines & Luepp, basically found that couples who stick to a more traditional division of chores have sex more than couples who take a more gender-bending approach to chores.

Now, I am all about equal effort to take care of a house and home, but I do think it's sexy as hell when my husband remembers to take out the trash every night and mows the lawn (preferably shirtless) on the weekend.

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But here's what I think is the best choreplay... hiring someone else to do it and spending that time connecting. Sometimes that means an hour sitting on our butts watching Shameless. But it usually means we are not too damn exhausted to want to hug, hold and get it on.

We live crazy busy lives and I bet you do, too. Whether it's a demanding job, busy children or even a dedication to a special organization... I bet your days feel like there are never enough hours, let alone sex.

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We still do the daily tidying up, the cooking and the resulting cleanup, and we definitely need to scrub our little boys nightly. But a team of dedicated professionals come and turn my pigsty into a palace. It takes me 2 hours of prep work to tidy, but it means that while they're doing the heavy cleaning... I'm playing with my youngest, serving clients or doing something that I am much better at (seriously, I've been told I'm actually bad at the skill of cleaning). They can accomplish in two hours what would take me at least six.

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So on Thursday night, I cook, my husband cleans the kitchen and I scrub my littles. We cuddle up on the couch, look around at our lovely home and just relax. That is the best foreplay in the world.

So grab a feather duster, put on something sexy and get dirty.

Photos & Makeup by Leslie Cersovski (Albuquerque, New Mexico)