I Really Don't Care What Your Husband Thinks...


I firmly believe in retouching for boudoir and glamour and other women's portraits.

I care about what YOU think.  I care if YOU love your photos... if YOU felt sexy and beautiful... if YOU are happy with the experience.

You have probably seen the viral letter written by a husband who railed against a boudoir photographer for doing her job (including retouching). I have a big issue with this.

A husband should just be happy he was a wife who was brave enough to not only strip down and have photos taken, but to share them with him.  Boudoir is a big deal... and not something I take lightly.

I also really don't do that much retouching.  You look like you... just with more sleep and better makeup (because my makeup artists are out-of-this-world-amazeballs).

So here's my 2 cents in a video that's about 4 minutes longer than the 30 seconds I planned.  Apparently I really care about this message. Keep scrolling if you want the 30 second version you can just read.



Retouching isn't about making you look like somebody else.

When done discretely, it's almost imperceptible. Glossing over the temporary things that make you feel icky lets you focus on the good. Bye bye cellulite (that's actually about lighting not Photoshop), adios dark eye circles (as if you actually got to sleep 8 hours straight every night), and au revoir pimples (they always crop up under stress... like a photoshoot).

A 2D version of you isn't as dynamic as you  in 3D.

When you're having a conversation with your lover, you're taking information from all of your senses. He catches a lingering whiff of your perfume, she watches your eyes dilate with excitement, he feels your hand placed on his arm while you talk, she hears the tone of your voice, and if your lucky... you get to taste his lips.  That's A LOT of sexy information to take in. Take away 4 of those senses, and suddenly hello wrinkle between your brows or wandering eye liner.

This is my secret gauge for how you'll look in your photos.

I choose the photo that makes you look like the absolutely best version of yourself  straight out of camera (there's always one) and I match the others to it. So if I squished your arm in a photo and it looks significantly larger than your best photo, I'll slim it down a tad. That's not changing you, that's fixing my mistake. Shame on me for missing it while we shoot, but I bet it's because we were having too much fun.

So, by all means, book a photoshoot with a photographer that matches your own personal style. But know that with me, you will look like the hottest and most well rested version of YOU.

Retouching for boudoir: book a photoshoot with Lavish Boudoir