Instant Gratification is Sexy

We are all of a want-it-now world. It's tough to accommodate that with a high end boutique business, but I've made a huge effort. This year I introduced same-day proofing. Yup, I glue myself to the Mac for 4 hours straight, Red Bull in hand, and dive into retouching your proofs. I honestly thought it would kill me. But it has actually made me a much better photographer. I know longer have the little voice in my head that says, "oh, I can fix it later on Photoshop." I can't. I don't have time. So that flawless booty, it's not a trick of photography. It's experience knowing just how to make your ass look friggin' hot. Anyway, I digress. It's allowed me to see the faces of delight for all of my clients when they see their photos for the first time (even the ones who travel for hours to my studio. It's allowed them to take off the edge of nerves quickly. No more weeks of wondering if they'll live up to your expectations. Basically, it turns out to be win-win.Unfortunately I can't create a custom less leather-bound album in under 6 weeks. I can't personally slip your prints into mats and place them gently in a hand-crafted folio box in less than 2 months. But here's my next step in catering to you ladies who need a gift in your hands practically yesterday! Prints, in your hands and ready to go right after your ordering! You know... Just in case hubby's birthday is tomorrow. These are not a substitute for my gorgeous lab prints, but they are pretty darn nice. Any print that you purchase for an album, folio, canvas or flash drive can be printed for $5 individually or mounted in a Little Black Book of 10 for $50. Awesome right? Here's a quick iPhone snap of a print. Little Black Books will be available starting in December.


PS: I can offer these in a deep sexy red silk or black. Which do you think I should carry. For now, both isn't an option. ;-)