It's not once-in-a-lifetime after all!

Meet Jessica (I’ll use her real name because she’s proud of these photos).

She became a client years ago and has continued to work with me over the years (twice flying across the country just to be photographed).

Let me tell you about Jess over the years I’ve known her.


She had just graduated from college. She wanted photos while she was young and cute. Her shoot was over-the-top and a little wild. The kind of wild that comes with being 22.



Jess was coming into her sensuality. She was learning what it meant to be a woman rather than a girl. She exuded confidence in a way that said, “I don’t need to impress you.”



This was J’s first shoot where we got her completely nude. Honestly, I think it was the first time I was brave enough to shoot nudes. I have those in the studio. She is so lucky to have captured her figure at this stage.



Bridal boudoir! Recently engaged, she wanted a gift for herself (and her amazing husband-to-be). We did get a more traditional shot, but I think this one shows off the woman she was going into a marriage. Strong, fierce and sexy.



Inspired by the ANGELS book by Russel James.



We actually brought out the lucky groom for a vintage-inspired engagement shoot. Yes, it escalated into a little bit of boudoir… as my shoots always do.



We missed our annual shoot because I was living in Albuquerque and she was in Georgia. But when she had an opportunity to fly out here, we grabbed it.

How amazing is she in this?!



It could not bring more joy to my heart than to do Jessica’s last photoshoot in her 20s. Oh and I got to photograph her just before her baby will make its debut.

I plan to visit her in Georgia next year to capture her and her little one.

Jess, you are going to have the most loved child. You are one for great adventures and this will be your biggest yet.