Lavish Boudoir - Makeovers Before & After


Remember back in the day when Oprah wasn't an empire, but just entertaining afternoon TV?  Jenny Jones and Ricki Lake?  I would park my jr. high butt at the kitchen counter with a snack and just LOVED watching those shows... the makeover episodes in particular.  There is something so amazing about the transformation from average woman (or from over-the-top horrendous) to stunning beauty.  It's not just the glamour, it's the strut in her step and the twinkle in her eyes. All of my fine portraiture sessions include hair and makeup by top professionals for just this reason.  Before I even turn a camera on a client, she is meant to feel gorgeous, sexy and a little bit sassy.  Have you checked out my before & after gallery?  See some of these transformations! Miss C - Boudoir Makeover