Love Notes - Client Testimonials

boudoir testimonial - Lavish Boudoir "After having my first child my self-esteem took a big hit, this was a way to boost it back up again. Before my shoot I was nervous to say the least. At first I was as excited as one can be but as the shoot day drew closer I was second guessing my decision to go ahead with it. I thought of all the negatives about my body and how they would photograph, I was sure I would be disappointed in the way I looked and feel worse about myself. I sat in the makeup chair feeling like a tired new mother with maybe 2 hours of sleep, I got out of that chair feeling like a goddess. [During the shoot, I felt] comfortable and confident, which is saying a lot considering how little I was wearing! Leslie exudes an aura of confidence in what she does and it's contagious. From my very first pose I knew that I would look beautiful in the photos with her direction. Stunning does not do my photos justice. They were sexy, classy and all I could have ever hoped for!"     - Miss C (24)



"DO IT! You will be so glad that you invested in this experience. " - Miss L



I was very nervous. I debated canceling because I was so nervous and insecure, [but] I LOVE LOVE LOVED it. Such a transformation!! Did I mention I LOVED it? Adeana did a beautiful job with my makeup and Leslie did wonderful with my hair.

At first very uncomfortable because I don't show any skin in front of anyone much less in front of a camera. Towards the end of the shoot I was becoming less uncomfortable and more confident. The two ladies were AMAZING and I couldn't have asked for a better experience.
I was blown away. Leslie was worried I did not like them, but I was truly speechless. There was one in particular that actually took my breath away and I was choking back the tears. They were beautiful beyond words and I owe it all to Leslie and Adeana.  Go!! Go now!!! Why are you still standing here?? Go go go!! Such an amazing experience!
-Miss A (31)

Before the shoot, I felt tomboyish, ugly, little down and out about the way I look!! Not so good about myself!!!!I kept saying..."Is that really me???" I also said many, many, times that day...."WoW....I look so pretty!"  I felt like a Victorias Secret model. No joking aside!!! I felt like a supermodel!!!
You should totally take a day and fell like a supermodel. It doesn't matter how tall/short....thin/ are....EVERY WOMAN IS BEAUTIFUL!!!!! I sure did feel that way. When I went back to see my photos.....I was blushing to see myself that way.....You are two amazing women!!! I looked and felt very sexy that day!!!
-Miss M (43)
***Editor's note.  M has a landscaping & dock building business.  She even brought her work boots for one cheeky photo.

LB-Lavish-Boudoir-TestimonialI have wanted to have a photo shoot at Lavish Boudoir for about 2 years. I decided it was time to make it a reality no matter how I felt about pictures of myself at the time. I felt a little nervous, but excited.

Adeana did a great job on my makeup and was very knowledgeable and great to talk to about makeup! I felt beautiful and sexy. Leslie really knows how to make you feel gorgeous!

My photos were gorgeous! I loved them all! When I saw them, I thought, wow! That is really me! I didn't see the woman with "flaws" that I normally see in my pictures! It was truly an amazing experience that every woman should experience! We all deserve to feel beautiful and be queen for a day!

Don't hesitate! Do it!!!!! Beautiful pictures last a lifetime , but youth fades! They are timeless memories! Thanks Leslie! -Miss L (37)

BK-Lavish-Boudoir-Testimonial"I wanted to step outside my "comfort zone" and be something that I am usually not.  Before my shoot, I felt like a run down mom.  I thought [my makeover] was fabulous.  [During the shoot, I felt] very comfortable.  I loved the photos!"

-Miss B (32)


"I've wanted to do this for over a year and  got the courage and the rest is history!
Loved [the makeover] and absolutely love Adeana! She created a look that was soft, sensual and sexy without looking overdone or too much! She totally enhanced my best facial features!
During the shoot, I felt completely at ease and beautiful! Leslie is so disarming and coaches you through the whole process. I loved the experience with her and Adeana. Both have passion for what they do and it shows in every way!
I'm not sure if I can come up with a word to describe what I think and feel about the photos! It's totally overwhelming to see yourself through someone's else eye's through a camera lens! The photos capture all of who I truly am and I know my husband will be speechless when I give the photos to him for our anniversary"
-Miss K (46)

JC-Lavish-Boudoir-Testimonial"Its a huge rush and I enjoying doing photo shoots. It's totally worth every penny to me because it something I love to do!

The whole experience is amazing! I feel like I'm totally in my element and there is nothing else I'd rather be doing ! Before I shoot I feel like an athlete preparing for a huge game. I get in the zone and ready to perform my best!
MEOW.... Adeana is fantastic! Whatever look your going for she pulls it off immediately. Her makeup artistry skills totally bring out the unique beauty of everyone. I never knew barbie, playboy and Bridget Bardot could look so perfect lol! I would love to be her blank canvas for a day ! She is also very gentle applying makeup , you kinda want to fall asleep because you are so relaxed!
During the shoot, I feel like I have an alter ego, as weird as that may sound . When I'm in front of a camera ,a different woman comes out, a woman who is unleashed full of sexy! In that moment I am a world famous supermodel and I will work it in front of the camera. What you believe is what you will achieve! If I could do this as a career I would in a heartbeat.
LOVE MY PHOTOS!!! Each time I have a shoot with Leslie and Adeana we always do something different. Each session I have is total different look and feel and I like being able to be that model who can be a blank canvas to experiment and create different looks. It is truly like I'm a super model and living out every woman's dream of doing different types of photo shoots. Every time I see my pictures I'm in awe.. like wow thats me! The whole creative process is amazing.
If you want sexy and model worthy pictures of yourself go see Leslie and Adeana at Lavish Budior. I have had nothing best the best experience with these tow women. You will absolutely love you pictures and feel like you are a supermodel! Every woman should have the opportunity to have this experience because It will make you feel like you just step out of a glossy magazine!
- JC (24)
***Editor's Note:  J has done 5 shoots with us and has another on the books. Watch out, looking this fierce is addicting.

"Leslie is such a phenomenal photographer. She knows how to angle/position the female body so you look your best. She makes you feel comfortable during the entire photo a time where you may want to instead feel self-conscious. She will make you feel beautiful and your photos will show it."
-Miss C (30)

RA-Lavish-Boudoir-Testimonial"Lavish Boudoir allows every woman release their inner sexy. The overall experience was comfortable and super fun. Leslie is an amazing photographer and you feel more like a friend than a client. The finished photos are better than you could ever possibly imagine! Her attention to detail and creativity makes every photo shoot sexy but extremely classy. I highly suggest it for every woman! My boyfriend and I recently did a couples Boudoir session and it was an incredible bonding experience we'll never forget. I'll never use another photographer because I've found the best!"

- Miss R


"Leslie is not only a friend but a very talented photographer. She never ceases to amaze me with her work! She makes you feel absolutely comfortable even if you are super shy like myself. I highly recommend everyone doing at least one shoot with her, everyone deserves to feel absolutely beautiful at least once in their life. After your shoot with Lavish Boudoir you will be so anxious to see your pictures and you will find yourself looking at them over and over, her work does not disappoint! The photos make a great gift not only for your significant other but also for yourself!" - Miss K

"I trust and admire Leslie, she is very professional. It shows in her work that it is not just a job to her but something she enjoys doing. It is a beautiful studio and I would recommend her to everyone interested in having a relaxed,yet fun photo shoot. Leslie would not post anything you are not comfortable with or dislike.
I was extremely nervous,I am my own worst critic but Leslie and Adeana made me feel completely at ease.They are a great team and lots of fun. Love love love most of the photos." -Miss L

JJ-Lavish-Boudoir-Testimonial"Lavish Boudoir is hands down the best place to have beautiful pictures taken. Beautiful memories are made at Lavish Boudoir. Leslie isn't your typical photographer, she makes you feel amazing, like a Lavish Queen. If you want LAVISH...Lavish Boudoir is where you need to be!" -Miss J

"This could be an awkward photo shoot for anyone, but Leslie makes you feel totally at ease - she understands that this is something most women have never done before, but is an experience every woman should have, at least once. I also really enjoyed doing a beauty shoot with my mom - Leslie and Adeana made us feel like models, and I'll have those pictures of my mom and me to treasure forever. Whether a beauty shoot or a boudoir shoot, they're both amazing experiences, and Leslie is definitely the photographer you want!" -Miss E

"The whole experience was UNBELIEVABLE and EXCITING!!! Leslie makes you so beautiful and feel so comfortable during the whole shoot. Her keen eye and artistic ability is transferred into these beautiful works of art that you can treasure for years to come! I would recommend her to everyone I know to have the opportunity to appreciate how beautiful we all really are! Try it ladies, you won't regret it!" -Miss J

CR-Lavish-Boudoir-Testimonial"I wanted a really good picture to use for my website. I was nervous because my last professional photograph made me look much older than I feel.  Adeana and Leslie did such a great job of creating a look that is natural but gorgeous.

I started out nervous but soon was having a lot of fun. I modeled as a teenager and it was always a very strained situation. Leslie has a special talent for putting her subjects at ease. I felt comfortable and happy and my pictures show that.  In a word, "fabulous."
With cell phones everywhere we have pictures taken constantly. Most are somewhere between "ok and awful" (mouth open, eyes closed). Pretty soon we forget how beautiful we really are. Every woman needs a few pictures that depict not only what she looks like, but also her personality. Do it now - you will never regret having a lovely picture!" -Miss C (50+)