Miss J's before & after - Atlanta, GA

We did J's shoot at a hotel in Atlanta.  The makeup artist, Latonya Beckum, had arrived so I went downstairs to greet her.  Standing in the lobby, this adorable woman walks by lugging a giant Victoria's Secret tote.  Of course I assumed it was J, so I stepped out and said hi.  J was so focused on mentally preparing for  her shoot, that she totally walked right by.  I was so embarrassed and figured that I had just greeted some random lady.  Turns out, it was J.  We laughed and got her straight up to the room to get her dolled up.  We talked about her kids, her husband and life in general while Latonya worked her magic.  The shoot was flawless and we ended up going a bit over-time.  Oops!  It was a treat to work with gorgeous J and I can't wait for her second shoot! Lavish Boudoir Before and After Makeover