Miss L - Live Boudoir® Shoot


When I decided to host an open house, I knew that I HAD to do a live boudoir shoot.  Every single client of mine says, "I don't know how to model," or "I look awkward in photos and don't know how to be sexy."  I am constantly reassuring women that I will pose a client from lashes to toes.  I would never point a camera at woman and expect her to know what to do.   Trust me, I'd never sell a single photo.  :-) So when I put out the casting call, L bravely volunteered.  I wanted it to be just like a real client's shoot (with the addition of an audience), so we did a pre-shoot consult to talk about her wardrobe, her concerns and to get her psyched about her shoot.  What I did not do is coach her ahead of time.  She went into that day with as little prior experience as any woman.  Just as expected, she rocked it. Special thanks to Adeana, who created the flawless look which is such important groundwork for what I can do.

1) What did you take away from watching me shoot?

2) Isn't she stunning?

miss L before and after Lavish Boudoir makeover