New Year... New You


Actually... how about you fall in love with the you that you already are?  You're important, you're deserving, you're lovable. Every January we stop and reflect (i.e. think about all the things we want to change).  Some of us want to lose weight.  Some of us want to be more giving.  Some of us want to be more learned.

I'm all for self-improvement (I have a small addiction to that section of the book store), but I 100% believe that the most important improvement you can make is to love yourself NOW.  Literally now... like this second.  Even if you're wearing stretchy pants, drinking your second glass of wine and flipping through US magazine.  You know what... that sounds like a person I could love!

Go look in a mirror (put some mascara and real pants on if you like) and tell yourself:

"I'm beautiful. I'm smart. I'm generous. I'm worthy."

Repeat as necessary.