Miss C - Boudoir - Savannah, Georgia

Miss C takes the award for furthest travel to shoot with Lavish Boudoir.  We first met on her wedding day, years ago.  Sight unseen, she hired me to shoot her wedding in Northern Arkansas.  This girl is fun!  As soon as I started talking about boudoir, she got in touch and said that she was dying to do a shoot.  One problem, she lives in Colorado.  Fast forward to this summer and she tells me that she's traveling to Virginia for Thanksgiving and she wants to swing by Valdosta to do a shoot.  If you're not familiar with the South, Virginia is still 10+ hours away.  I said that I'd meet her in Savannah, GA at her hotel to shoot.  She was a beautiful bride and was of course a beautiful boudoir model.  This girl has gorgeous curves and amazing confidence.  It's been a blessing to work with her and to honestly call her a friend.  Just watch out for her butt-kicking black boots.  Haha!