Preggo? How about a boudoir photoshoot?


All right, you're pregnant.  Yay! Congrats!  Holy cow! Etc.  In my experience, there are two types of pregnant women. A) You love being pregnant.  You're ripe, fertile, voluptuous, etc.  You love the way everyone admires you and you really cherish these nine (actually ten) months.

B) You feel like there is a small dictator living in your body, demanding a change in your daily habits, your shape and your hormone levels.  You cannot pass these months quickly enough and were devastated the first time you heard that it's ten months instead of nine.

I am the B type.  That's not to say I didn't appreciate the fact that I was able to carry a baby and have my little Leo.  That was an amazing blessing.  But I am stubborn as hell and loathe being told what to do.  So, as you can imagine,  it was a rough nine (ten) months.

Why a Type B believes in boudoir sessions in your first trimester?

  1. Your boobs are glorious.  Your husband can't stop staring.
  2. Many of you get super randy.  Yup, all that extra blood flowing is keeping sex on the brain.  You'll have a flush that even my makeup artists can't fake.  If you're not, maybe this session will get you feeling a bit hotter.
  3.  You're glowing.  Ok, maybe it's a bit sweaty since you're always warm now.  But we'll call it by it's celebrity name... dewy.
  4. Your body is going to change, permanently.  That's not saying you won't be back in gorgeous shape and running marathons, it just means your body will change.  The majority of my clients are moms!  Your skin and frame will never be exactly the same. If you're type B, you're headed into several months of feeling grumpy every time you catch your naked reflection.  If you're type A, you're headed into months of feeling the sexiest you ever have.  Either way, seize the moment.
  5. Life will shortly become all about baby.  Not yourself, not your husband, not your sex life.  This is just one little reminder that you exist as a woman who is independently worthy of lustful admiration, not just for the love and commitment as a wife or mother.  You deserve to look at these photos and think, "Damn, I'm hot."

Maternity glamour portraits (even for a Type B)???

I hated the idea of maternity portraits.  Remember... type B.  Why would I want pics of my big ol' belly and my newly acquired cellulite deposits?  Here's the thing.  I wish I did a full session with a photographer I trusted.  I have some of my own self-portraits, but very few that show me at that stage in my life.  I can't go back and re-create it.  If only I had known that a maternity session could be glamorous.  Whether you prefer to get down to your skivvies and show that beautiful bump, or want to cover up in a gorgeous dress, they can be portraits that you and your little family will cherish for a lifetime.

Because it's tough to swing two session fees 20 weeks apart when you're saving for car seats, I'll waive the maternity glamour session fee with a purchase of a first trimester boudoir session.  And yes, you'll still get the full glam treatment with makeup and retouching.

So get over your insecurities and embrace it.  You'll be glad you did.