Stripped Down Workshop 2014

Okay this is waaaaay overdue. I thought I wrote about it, but I went back to reference it and couldn't find a post.  Tonight Adeana had a photo shoot.  I wanted her to push the limits, to bring a sexier edge to her already fabulous photos.  To evoke emotion in her client.  Why?  Because one year ago I attended a workshop by the fabulous Denise Birdsong of Modern Love Photography. What a game-changer.  I've always valued the way a photo makes a client feel more than the technical aspects.  Chopped limb, who cares? As long as it makes the client look and feel amazing.  When I heard about this workshop I was so excited... and nervous. I'm kind of a shy girl and I knew this would push me.

She started us out with making us all get out of our comfy seats, onto the floor and breathing heavily.  Embarrassing, right? But we all did it... and giggled a bit.  But she was right.  Once you start to breathe, you start to relax and you start to trust.

Throughout the day she gave us the skills to communicate with our clients.  To coach them and to be fearless in what we ask of our clients.  It is up to us to help YOU feel sexy and glamorous and confident.  I was ready to take it on full-force.  Adeana and I photographed each other using her techniques and LOVED the results.  But then I got preggo and lost my mojo.  Any idea how hard it is to appear seductive when you have a basketball-sized bump under your shirt?  If you don't use it, you lose it.  And I lost it without even knowing it.

Flash-forward a year, I'm on hiatus due to aforementioned child and sudden move out of state.  I'll be starting up a new studio in Albuquerque.  The market is already saturated with fantastically talented photographers and I started to panic.  But then I realized, whoa, I've got something to set myself apart.  To bring raw emotion to a portrait rather than just another sexy photo.  With Denise's lessons running through my brain, I have no doubt I'll find success with the clients who want just what I provide.

Thank you, Denise, you sexy thang, you.

P.S. She has got to be the sexiest woman that has walked the planet and it has very little to do with her gorgeous appearance.  We could all learn a little something from her.

attended the Stripped Down workshop with Denise Birdson of Modern Love Photography