Miss J

Miss J - Lavish Boudoir - Valdosta, GA


  What I love most about shooting a repeat client is that she always trusts me to try whatever I want.  Sometimes the ideas flop, but usually they are fabulous.  The best way to get the most from your shoot with me?  Trust me.  I want you to look sexy, beautiful and simply amazing.  Thanks J for working with me again!

Lavish Boudoir - Miss J


I get a lot of women commenting that all the girls in my portfolio are so beautiful and that they could never look like that.  So, I enlisted the help of a few ladies to show that these are real women who do things like clean their houses, go to work, and sometimes chase after kids.  Thanks Miss J for volunteering to show both sides of herself!  I think she's absolutely gorgeous.  Thanks to Adeana for the beautiful makeup. before & after

Miss J - Now a Mrs! - Lavish Boudoir - Georgia


I have worked with J several times and her most recent session was the most special by far.  After all, she was about to get married!!!  In preparation, her girlfriends threw a lingerie shower for her and boy did they spoil her.  J scheduled her wedding hair and makeup trial run on the morning of the shoot.  Candi Ganas did an amazing job and J was bridal perfection.  Out with the veil and in with the sparkly accessories.  I've been waiting until after J's new hubby had a chance to check out his album before I could share them with the world.  But they said their I-Dos on Saturday... so here they are.  Congratulations to J & Mr. J! lavish-boudoir-bridal-compositeBridal boudoir on black backgroundseductionwedding nightengagement ring and curvescowboy bootsboots and pantieshourglasshourglass black and whitebridal pearls and bootyteddychaise

Miss J - Lavish Boudoir - Atlanta, Georgia


We did J's shoot at a hotel in Atlanta.  The makeup artist, Latonya Beckum, had arrived so I went downstairs to greet her.  Standing in the lobby, this adorable woman walks by lugging a giant Victoria's Secret tote.  Of course I assumed it was J, so I stepped out and said hi.  J was so focused on mentally preparing for  her shoot, that she totally walked right by.  I was so embarrassed and figured that I had just greeted some random lady.  Turns out, it was J.  We laughed and got her straight up to the room to get her dolled up.  We talked about her kids, her husband and life in general while Latonya worked her magic.  The shoot was flawless and we ended up going a bit over-time.  Oops!  It was a treat to work with gorgeous J!!! P.S. Still love those pink shoes!

Miss J - Pin Ups - Valdosta, GA

Miss J just couldn't resist doing a little bit of pin up.  I dusted off my white studio backdrop and we had a blast.  It's been a while since I've shot pin-up with a studio look.  I love the high-key look and it lends itself perfectly to the clean lines of pin-up.  These portraits make fantastic albums and calendars. Lavish Boudoir - Pin Up - white dress - Valdosta - Georgia

Miss J - Boudoir - Los Angeles


This girl and I are about as close as two friends can be.  In fact, she's my sorority lil sis and the girl who keeps me company online while I work from home.  J finally trusted me enough to take her portraits.  We compromised and said that I could get to shoot some boudoir style if I gave her some portraits that looked like they belonged on the cover of a country album.   J is beautiful and talented and smart... but not a singer.  She's that adorable girl that you root for on American Idol, but the voice doesn't quite match the marketability.  So, I got her to take some gorgeous and sexy pics and she got her album cover.  Thanks J, for trusting me.  I hope you see the beautiful woman that everyone else sees in you.