before and after

Miss D | Glamour Photoshoot | Albuquerque, NM


I'm a Cali girl by nature, but I love some sexy voluminous big hair glamour photos.

A letter to Ms D:

Ms. D, We've known each other 30ish years and I cannot believe you still let me do your makeup and take your photo. Ever since Christmas eve in the late '90s, we've been playing dress up. You've never needed much makeup to look AMAZING. Remember how everyone would tell you that you looked like the girl from My Girl? It's those crazy long lashes and doe eyes. Guess what... you're even prettier now. You don't need my help to be beautiful, but it sure is fun to play with the beauty God gave you. I love you so much, thank you for modeling for me.

makeover with big hair - Lavish Boudoir™ - Albuquerquecontemplative beauty pose - Lavish Boudoir™ - Albuquerquenude bandeau to show off a beautiful face - Lavish Boudoir™ - Albuquerque, NMThose eyes, though! Beauty portrait with tulle by Lavish Boudoir™green eyesa and black velvet. Swoon! - Lavish Boudoir™Inspired by Adele. Love that lip curl. - Lavish Boudoir™Headshot WITHOUT cropping at the hairline, just for moms - Lavish Boudoir™P.S. See Cheryl and Denise?  I sometimes keep the top of the head... I did the last one just for you... and it is driving me crazy to crop it like this. ;-)







What I See in You...


I take portraits not simply of what is in front of me, but what I create with light, emotion and most importantly your story. We are inundated with reflections... most of which we don't love. The worst is when you go to take a cell-phone picture and the camera is set for selfies. It's like, "Hello nostrils!" Am I the only one that actually says "ugh" out loud when that happens?

We see digital captures constantly. We catch glimpses in the mirror daily. Sometimes we even brave standing in front of the mirror long enough to take an assessment. What do you see? Where is your focus? If you're like most women, it's the flaws. The fine lines, the unruly hair, the post-baby pooch, the not-so-recently waxed bikini line, the cellulite, the pimple (because seriously... how can you be old enough for wrinkles, but still get zits!?).

When I see you:

I don't see fine lines... I see a life of laughter and love I don't see unruly hair... I see glamorous bedhead waiting to happen I don't see a pooch... I see feminine curves I don't see a hairy bikini line... wait... you'll have to take care of that before you come see me :-) I don't see cellulite... I see skin that simply needs a bit of good lighting to look flawless I don't see pimples... it's nothing a single click can't take care of

Let me create the most beautiful photo you've ever had taken. You deserve it.

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Lavish Boudoir - Miss J


I get a lot of women commenting that all the girls in my portfolio are so beautiful and that they could never look like that.  So, I enlisted the help of a few ladies to show that these are real women who do things like clean their houses, go to work, and sometimes chase after kids.  Thanks Miss J for volunteering to show both sides of herself!  I think she's absolutely gorgeous.  Thanks to Adeana for the beautiful makeup. before & after

Miss K's Transformation - Before & After Boudoir

Miss K lavish boudoir makeover

Miss K was such a delight to work with.  She was part of the boudoir marathon in Sacramento last summer.    Isn't she a knockout?  I think she looks like a young Nicole Kidman.

This gorgeous girl did everything right.  She knew what kind of pictures she wanted and practiced her expressions in the mirror.  As a result, every picture we shot was perfect!  We'll be shooting pin-up next week and I'm hoping she'll let me share an image or two from that.  Thanks K!