Mr. & Mrs. F - Boudoir - San Francisco

Mrs. F is a regular client of mine from the Bay Area of California.  I shot her wedding way back when and have done 3 boudoir shoots with her.  In fact, she was my first in a gorgeous suite in a beautiful San Francisco hotel.  This time,  I wanted to collaborate with my favorite Sacramento makeup artist, Courtney Carmack of Kiss & Makeup.  We wanted to do a darker boudoir shoot with a sort of goth theme.  I know... so different from my usual style.  We started shooting and chatting.  This girl can pose and sell it!  Anything I asked of her, she was game.  Anyway, we started talking about her husband's tattoos.  The three of us decided that we would have to drag him to the shoot and incorporate his ink and a little fake blood. (Yes, Courtney just happened to have fake blood in her kit. Ha!)   He was pretty hesitant at first, but once we got "the shot," and told him he could go, he said, "That's it?  Just that? No more."  I think he was enjoying his moment in the spotlight.  I just wanted to share this shoot with y'all and say a big thank you to Mr. & Mrs. F!