Videos From Lavish Boudoir


Miss C's Client Experience with Lavish Boudoir - 2014


C shares what a session with Lavish Boudoir means to her. Book your own experience. You won't regret it. Makeup by Adeana


Bridal Boudoir - Video & Photography Fusion by Lavish Boudoir - 2014



Boudoir photography and video by Leslie Cersovski at Lavish Boudoir - Makeup by Adeana Dillon - Lingerie by Gossard - Veil & Garter by Marcuties

Maternity Portraits by Lavish Boudoir - 2014

Krystle has been my client, my colleague and most importantly my friend. I had the opportunity to photograph her in classic and timeless photos that she'll be proud to share with her daughter.



 Behind the Scenes Fantasy Shoot with Lavish Boudoir - 2013

A portrait session with Lavish Boudoir can seem scary. You may think that you're not brave enough, or sexy enough, or any number of reasons. I hope this behind-the-scenes video shows you that it's all about stepping into a fantasy of glamorous hair and makeup, easy posing and feeling like a supermodel for a day. Contact me to discuss creating your fantasy. Thank you to Tommy Davis, Amanda, Krystle Farlow & Adeana Dillon. I couldn't do it without you. Visit for more info and portfolio.

Music: Welcome to my Fantasy by Super Estela on Triple Scoop Music

Live Shoot with Lavish Boudoir - 2012


To give Valdosta an idea of what a boudoir session is really like, I bribed a woman to allow me to photograph her in front of a live audience. She had no special treatment or hints beyond what I would do for every client. If she can do this in front of dozens of women, then you can do it in the privacy of your own portrait session. Thank you to Life Bridge Productions for your time and creativity putting this together.


Miss A - Boudoir - Sacramento, California


I LOVE working with clients who are referred by former clients (or current in this case).  Miss K, who is one of my repeat customers, sent Miss A.  We did her shoot in Sacramento while I was in town.  She elected to do her own makeup, which I'm usually very nervous about.  This girl didn't even need makeup.  Who has skin that luminous without makeup or retouching???  A was so much fun to shoot.  She's got all the right curves and knew how to rock them.  It was such an honor to shoot another military spouse.  She's been with her husband since they were just teens and she is clearly wild about him.  Miss A, thank  you for trusting me to create these pictures for you and your man. Miss A - Lavish - Boudoir - zebra - bra & panty set

Miss A - Lavish - Boudoir - zebra - bra & panty setMiss A - Lavish - Boudoir - zebra - bra & panty setMiss A - Lavish - Boudoir - zebra - bra & panty setMiss A - Lavish - Boudoir - zebra - bra & panty setMiss A - Lavish - Boudoir - shoulder peakMiss A - Lavish - Boudoir - shoulder peak