Collaboration of Artists - Leslie & Kathleen


watercolor-lavish-boudoir-kathleen-hennricksI am part of an online community of brilliant entrepreneurs and overwhelmingly talented artists. A few weeks back, Kathleen Hennrick from Oregon and I connected to use our talents together to create beautiful watercolor art from my photos. An elegant and discreet art piece was the product. I believe every woman should have a beautiful portrait on their wall, to remind them every day of their beauty, strength and sensuality.  However, I understand that with families and visitors, it's not always practical to display my photos on the wall. But this.... oh how I'm just swooning.

Whenever I create a new and special product, I want to be sure it suits my clients. You're the one who matters.  So I'm offering it exclusively for an upcoming event with limited space available.

Please call Leslie at 866-930-7060 for information or stay in the loop with our newsletter: