Beauty Tip - Eat for Your Skin

Beauty comes from within. You are what you eat.

Of course these sayings have been appropriated to refer to my topic, but what you feed your body and your skin makes all the difference in the world.

Here are my favorite foods for your skin and why:

Somewhere along the line we got convinced that fat is bad.  Yes that gristle stuff you cut off of a steak is terrible, but omega-3 fatty acids are essential for glowing skin.  Watch the serving sizes and you'll have lush hair, soft skin and maintain that slender waistline.

Tomatoes are just one example of a food high in antioxidants.  The more colorful the food and the more delicious the smell, the more nutrients it will have.  The lycopene in tomatoes has also been shown to beef up your skin's defense against harmful sun rays.  Buy the ones with the least amount of pesticides for the best results (and taste).

Food high in water content is super nutritious.  On my recent trip to Greece, dessert wasn't a pile of refined sugars and wheat, it was a heaping plate of watermelon.  Sooo yummy.

Eat up!