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I'm back this month with our next "Woman Crush Wednesday" feature and this one is awesome.  Meet Cedar of CedarFit gym in Albuquerque, New Mexico. She's an entrepreneur, adventurer, romantic and all-around awesome woman. Our paths crossed a few times, but the first that really stands out to me was the Hautepreneurs Ball last February. She and her husband were seated at the same table as my husband and I. They came rushing in at the last minute. Like every other working mom, she says off-hand that she was worn out that day. Turns out it wasn't from working, or cleaning or caring for her household... it was because she had been out in the snow all day. Cedar is a horse-lover, skier of blizzarding mountains, wife, mom to two adolescents and kick-ass entrepreneur with a top-of-the-line gym in NorthEast Albuquerque.  Read her interview and I'm certain you'll be as enamored as I am, especially when you get to the very end. I need to get a wall decal with her wise quote.

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Tell me about your business! What makes CedarFit gym unique, what inspires you, what keeps that passion in you alive?

Life is always changing and struggles are every where. My favorite saying is "it never is what it never was.." constantly adapt and learn to be flexible! My passion is health and wellness. That's a daily struggle for all of us and I've learned to be realistic about my experiences and apply that to my daily coaching!

Would you do it all again? What have you learned along the way?

If I knew then what I knew now I probably would not do it again. The struggle for the 1st 4-5 years was significant and came at an extreme cost for our family.  If my husband had not been a business owner for 20+ years I am not sure our marriage would have survived.

You’re a mom. Tell me about your family.

We've been married 21.5 years with a 15 year old son and 12 year old daughter. We camp with our  horses in the summer & ski together almost every weekend that there is not a track meet. Our focus on children is to teach them how to think outside the norm and to not need to be entertained by phones & electronic input. Time will tell if we have accomplished this task. :)

How do you try to maintain a balance between building or maintaining your business and raising your children?

My business is essentially my 3rd child... scheduling time away with just my husband is critical. At some point the kids will be grown and fostering/ growing my marriage is of utmost priority!

Are you able to carve time for your husband and yourself to just be a couple and keep the spark going?

Yes. We have a weekend away quarterly if not every month. That relationship is the core of everything and must be preserved:)

If you had twenty-four hours and a teleportation machine to yourself (no kids, husband or work), what would you do? Where would you go?

To sleep;) Ok. To the future to see what investments we should make for our families long term security.

March is a month of falling off the wagon. We start the new year with enthusiasm, lofty goals and usually a brand new fitness goal. What can we do this month to keep the momentum going?

Mindset coaching. It's all a head game... we all know what to eat and what not to eat. The real question becomes why we choose to "cheat" on ourselves with the crummy food choices we keep making! CedarFIT has incorporated regular (2-3x per month) Month Mindset Coaching for this exact purpose. Change your mind to change your body!!

Cedarfit really seems to emphasize the lifestyle change, and you’re living proof of it. What did you learn from your experience, about making changes that stick?

You are the only thing you can really control in this life. We spend some much time & effort on other tings and it's time to make yourself a priority!

Lifestyle change is just like saving money for your future. Every penny you put in the savings account counts toward your goal:)

You have an upcoming program that helps women (and men) create the changes they need to see in their health, their bodies and ultimately their lives. Tell me about this.

We don't just offer a workout program. Mindset, nutrition & goal setting is almost as important as the daily exercise! We offer all of those things as part of our regular programming!

If you could share one bit of advice to working moms, what would it be?

"Clean enough to be sanitary and dirty enough to be sane;)". (Advice from my husbands grandmother when I was a new mom).


Thank you Cedar for your honesty, your wisdom and humor. It's always a pleasure working with you.

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