Bridal Boudoir Video - Lavish Boudoir - Valdosta, Georgia

I worked with Adeana and this gorgeous woman to show you just what I think a perfect bridal boudoir session would look like.  We have three more sets, but this is all from one.  What do you think so far? Please share this video with anyone you know who is getting married soon! Thank you! P.S. Don't miss out on the music; it's super sexy.  Also, check out my 5 tips for choosing a bridal boudoir photographer.

Bridal Boudoir - Lavish Boudoir from Leslie Cersovski on Vimeo.


Miss J - Boudoir - Valdosta, Georgia

I adore this woman.  We met for a consultation before her shoot and she declares, "My husband told me I look the best I ever have.  I want to do this now."  I have no idea what she looked like before we met, but she is a knockout now.  We did a few shots at the request of her hubby (men love those daisy dukes) and some gorgeous girly ones for her.  The best thing... she didn't want to secret her pictures away in an album.  She wanted a collage of 10 photos hung on her wall.  I will update later if she sends me a picture of the display.  J, I had so much fun working with you.  I hope we'll get to work together again.