Miss C - Boudoir - Savannah, Georgia


I featured a single image of Miss C a few months ago, but never got around to publishing some extras.  I shot Miss C's wedding (way back when) in Northern Arkansas.  She found me on Google and decided to take a chance on my work.  Wow... the energy and celebration of that wedding was off the charts.  This girl can move.  When I announced that I was offering boudoir, she decided that she had to have her own session.  One problem... she was living in Colorado and I was living in Albuquerque, then Valdosta.  On a vacation to the East Coast, she called up and said... meet me in Savannah!  We worked out the perfect location and got to work planning her session.  These are just a few of our favorites from the session and I am so thrilled that she allowed me to share them here.  Thank you to my favorite little red-head. Lavish Boudoir - Vintage - Soft - stockings - Savannah - Georgia -Lavish Boudoir - Vintage - Soft - stockings - Savannah - Georgia -Lavish Boudoir - Vintage - Soft - stockings - Savannah - Georgia -Lavish Boudoir - Vintage - Soft - stockings - Savannah - Georgia -Lavish Boudoir - Vintage - Soft - yellow slip - Savannah - Georgia -Lavish Boudoir - Vintage - Soft - bridal - white -stockings - Savannah - Georgia -Lavish Boudoir - Vintage - Soft - bridal - white - stockings - Savannah - Georgia -

Miss K's Transformation - Before & After Boudoir

Miss K lavish boudoir makeover

Miss K was such a delight to work with.  She was part of the boudoir marathon in Sacramento last summer.    Isn't she a knockout?  I think she looks like a young Nicole Kidman.

This gorgeous girl did everything right.  She knew what kind of pictures she wanted and practiced her expressions in the mirror.  As a result, every picture we shot was perfect!  We'll be shooting pin-up next week and I'm hoping she'll let me share an image or two from that.  Thanks K!


Miss L - Boudoir - Valdosta


I have to admit... L looked a bit like a deer in the headlights when she knocked on my door.  While her friend applied her makeup and she got dolled up, we chatted a bit to help her relax.  We started out with her most conservative outfit and I immediately threw her out of her comfort zone by asking her to prop herself up on a table.  Who would have guessed... First shot was fabulous straight out of camera.  As we worked together a bit longer, she got more comfortable showing off her super toned body.  Her laughter was infectious and I really had so much fun.  Turns out she loved her photos and was super sweet to allow me to show off her pictures.  Doesn't she look a bit like Eva Longoria Parker in this one?  Click to see more here. Lavish Boudoir - Valdosta, Georgia - Lacy