Tushy Tuesday - Jan 27 - Lavish Boudoir

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Miss L - Lavish Boudoir®


I adore this young woman.  She is such a sweetheart and we had so much fun.  Adeana not only rocked the makeup, but stuck around to assist me on my shoot by holding reflectors (yes, it is about twice her height) and to "hang" the bed canopy.  The three of us could not stop laughing as we were shooting, but this girl managed to keep her face sultry and sexy between giggles.  I was seriously impressed.  Thank you, L, for trusting me even when you thought that a shot couldn't possibly turn out well.  Guess what... they did!

Limited Time Product!


Another photographer introduced these to me and I thought that they were just too fun not to offer to my clients.  For the month of July, you can order one of these awesome retro-style image viewers.  Leave it laying around where your guy will see it and test how long it takes for him to pick it up and take a peek.  It will be his new favorite toy (well, second to you).

Lavish Boudoir - Image Viewer Toy


Viewer & One Reel - $75

Viewer & Two Reels - $100

Each reel features 7 portraits.


Miss Courtney* - Lavish Boudoir - Atlanta, Georgia


Courtney* and I met nearly a year ago at a bridal fair here in Valdosta, Georgia.  She was working with another vendor and our two booths were sort of squashed into the back corner.  We ended up spending as much time chatting with each other as with brides.  On my next trip to Atlanta, we did a shoot in her home with two different looks by the fabulously talented Latonya Beckum.  Courtney* was so easy to work with... I mean, she's gorgeous, right?  But it was her confidence and spunk that made the shoot so wonderful.  Thanks for letting me share, Courtney*.

 *name changed to protect the sexy

Miss A... - Sacramento - Lavish Boudoir

First thing is first.  If you know Miss A... please do not spoil the surprise for her hubby.  After the wedding, I'll post them without the anonymous cropping.  Thanks!  

Miss A... was referred by a former client of mine (thanks Miss K) when I was home to Sacramento for some weddings and some shooting.  A... made a brilliant decision to hire Courtney of Kiss & Makeup to bring out her sexiest self.  A glass of champagne in hand, a best friend for moral support and she definitely felt at ease by the time we began shooting.  A... was game for anything and rocked it out like a star.  She brought the most adorable lingerie, including a sexy little slip from the Victoria's Secret Sexy Little Bride collection and a gorgeous pale lace slip and panty set.  Amazingly enough, her fiance had picked out that second slip for her.  It's really not often that guys pick out such beautiful pieces.  A... will be married later this year and present a gorgeous Supermodel album to her beloved.  Isn't that the perfect way to kick off a marriage?  Lucky guy!

Thanks A... for being one of the best of the best clients and for letting me share some of your favorites here on the blog.